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Taco tortillas

This is a super quick and easy meal that anyone can make. Oh yeah, its yummy too!

Chicken noodle soup

This is a healthy, homemade soup with endless ways to change it up with any veggies you'd like. Makes about 20 servings, but mesurments can be changed to make more or less.

Dill potato salad

Nice simple potato salad.

Turkey veggie burger

Mix all ingredients, and grill until cooked through. i would not put this on an outside grill. They might get to dry. I grilled on a indoor griddle.

Split pea barley soup

Here is a healthy soup that you can eat right away, or freeze it by serving size to reheat later.

Turkey Cheesesteaks

Bake turkey (no oil), shread when cool, cook with w. sauce and velveeta, until cheese has melted. Place in bun add veggies if wanted. Put into giant eagle 8 whole grain hot dog buns, top with sergento provolone (made with 2% milk) throw under broiler until cheese has melted.

Chick pea salad/salsa

Eat plain, or on a salad as the dressing.

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