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chia seed chocolate pudding (almond milk)

chia seed chocolate pudding with almond milk

Incredible! (1 rating)
slow cooker chicken and beans


apple quinoa bake

apples, raisins, quinoa and almond meal, etc baked and cut into squares

Salmon in coconut milk

Sockeye salmon in coconut milk

kale chips

crispy kale chips

gf/df fried chicken tenders

Chicken tenders coated with Vegenaise and Hodgson Mill seasoned coating mix, shallow fried in canola oil

Khoresht Aloo

Prune and chicken leg stew from

egg whatnot

An accident that turned out okay :)

healthier pizza

A fresher, healthier option than pizza hut

everyday chicken salad

easy, portable, protein and carb


Iranian rice

Yummy lentils and spinach

This is my version of the recipe.

sukkot stew

A beautiful combination of meat and fruit! I found this at an ethnic food website. One of my favorite dishes ever!!! I serve it over couscous.

Aash-e Sholeh-Ghalamka

Iranian soup with beef or lamb, rice, and herbs. I found this one at

crock pot ribollita

vegetable and bean soup eaten over bread

crockpot chicken stew

Hearty chicken stew that's good and pretty good for you!

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GF/DF (and working on corn)
I am entering the world of gluten/dairy/corn free eating. I have no official diagnosis and am new to it all, so forgive any mistakes/ingredients that are not good for those with high sensitivity. I'm still learning, and there is a LOT to learn! Thankfully there are great resources out there!