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Recipes I've Shared:

Healthy Fried Apples

An easy, sugar-free way to cook an apple

squash chips

put in the dehydrator. The incredients are pre-dehydrator, and this is a very rough estimate

sweet potato fritatta

Making a yummy dinner.

Spinach strawberry protein smoothie

because none of the others sounded like they would work for me. I had to add spinach and didn't want to carbs from a banana.

Low-carb "green" yogurt protein smoothie

I couldn't find any that I liked, so I decided to come up with my own simple recipe. I needed veggies and protein to justify this drink.

Cheap and Low Carb Casserole

looking for something quick and easy

Barbecue bacon veggie pizza topping

I use this with my Pancake Mix Pizza Dough recipe

Pancake Mix Pizza Dough

I don't have whole wheat flour, so I used whole wheat pancake mix instead. Much healthier than just using white flour

Flour-less oatmeal pancakes

This is a play off of

Mini Bbq Burgers

Made with bbq sauce and green peppers

low fat pumpkin muffins

An adaptation to a recipe from a friend. Applesauce instead of oil, reduced sugar, and brown sugar instead of white

Sup easy chili

I don't like a long listed chili, so I made up my own.

French Toast using low-cal bread

I used 45 calorie bread and Rice Milk

Very Good (1 rating)
mini garlic biscuits

drop biscuits made for an Italian dinner

Ham and beans-kidney and black-eyed

Keepin the Fiber and protein real yo

Pizza topping or potato topping

I'm using this on top of bakes potatoes

Super Simple Chicken Salad

I like to keep it nice and easy.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

I modified a recipe from allrecipes-so this one is healthier and it IS mine! I sub applesauce for oil and brown sugar for regular sugar. I use regular chocolate chips, but I suppose you could take them out for fewer calories.

ham and potato

I am still using up ham leftovers from Christmas and what I have in the pantry. This is going in the crock pot and cooking while I'm at work.

Very Good (2 ratings)
One Dish Chicken and Rice

This is super easy and budget friendly! I got this at my wedding shower and it has been great for quick and easy dinners!

one dish turkey and rice casserole

The original uses chicken, but I'm using leftover turkey

beans and ham

using leftover ham from a Christmas dinner

leftover spaghetti casserole

just need for calorie info


got stuck in the house because of snow so I used what we had!

hot cocoa

way better than the store kind. it was my mom's recipe.

left in the kitchen vegetable soup

I needed dinner and didn't want to go shopping. I used sandwich meat to make this protein-friendly

another cabbage soup

Just needed to use up some ingredients in my kitchen

changed chicken stir fry

i changed some ingredients from my original, so I just made a new recipe to calculate the info

no egg cookie dough!

dairy and egg free cornbread

Incredible! (1 rating)
Wacky cake

turkey stir fry

using my ground turkey

Incredible! (1 rating)
easy chicken salad

Easy and has the ingredients that I want

Primal banana pancakes

I got this from Mark's Daily Apple website. It's a super easy way to make peanut butter banana pancakes. Gluten free!

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Low-Carb Meals