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Chicken Shwarma


Shawarma (Arabic: شاورما
‎), also spelled Chawarma, Schawarma, Shawirma, Shwarma, Shuarma, Shawerma, Shoarma, Schwarma, Shoermeh, Siaorma, or Shaorma, is a Middle Eastern Arabic-style sandwich-like wrap usually composed of shaved lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a halal mixture of meats. Shawarma is a popular dish and fast-food staple across the Middle East and North Africa; it has also become popular worldwide.
The classic chicken shawarma combination is pita bread , garlic sauce , tomato, pickles , and the shaved meat itself. Typical additional toppings include tahini, pickled beets and onions. In outward appearance, it vaguely resembles the gyros of Greece or the Turkish döner kebab in the sense that all use pita-wrapped meat, but the sauces are distinctly different.

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Garlic Sauce

Toum, garlic sauce, garlic dip is a Lebanese side dish prepared using canola oil, garlic, lemon juice, and egg white. It is served with chicken and meat as a dipping sauce or mayonnaise.

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Fatoush Salad

Fattoush (Arabic , فتوش ), often pronounced "fadash", is a Lebanese salad made from several garden vegetables and toasted or fried pieces of pita bread. Fattoush salad allows cooks to use seasonal produce by mixing different vegetables and herbs according to taste, and also to make use of pitas that have gone stale. The vegetables are cut into relatively larges pieces compared to Tabbouleh which requires ingredients to be finely chopped. Sumac is usually used to give Fattoush its sour taste.

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