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Sweet and SPicy Pumpkin Seeds

I love to use every part of the pumpkin when we carve our Jack O Lanterns for Samhain, or Halloween, if you prefer. This year, I wanted a more flavorful roasted seed than the usual sea salt roasted, so I went hunting on Allrecipes.

Vegetable Marinara base

This is a base for veggie marinara that I use can be spiced to your taste.

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tex mex meatballs

Shelby wanted to do something different so we invented spicy tex-mex meatballs. They are baked to reduce fat and make a great cocktail appetizer with salsa.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Hilly BLT

Very Good (2 ratings)
Steak Rollup

A grilled steak dish stuffed with vegetable goodness and the bite of Parmesan.

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Yummy low cal redux of our faves
This is my list of recipes of old favorites and comfort foods remade in a less bad for me way.