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tuna helper au gratin

just for calculation

Quick & easy Tuna fish Quesadilla

This is a single serve lunch item, I'm sure a stringable cheese stick would work just fine.
I use my George Foreman grill for EVERYTHING, but any panini press, or even a fry pan.

Sheri D's 3 minute spicy peanut sauce

Love this with angel hair pasta, veggies, and usual with meatless chicken or shrimp thrown in

Mini White Chocolate Pudding Cups

Basic Fat Free Jello pudding mix, just party size portions :)

Sheri's Vegatarian layered supper pie (for one or two!)

another single serve recipe, That's how I roll :)
In actuality, it's two portions, but hey, refrigerate half, it re heats well!
another variation: mix the corn, green beans, mushrooms in with the ground round to make it a little more like a Sheppard's pie. also, if you like, mix in a few spices with the veggie ground, I've done it with a tiny bit of taco seasoning, and it's pretty good.

Angel Hair Pasta w/ Spicy Peanut Sauce & (meatless) Chicken

Made this up for Supper tonight , and OMG, Soooo Good!
Me and the Boyfriend have totally different tastes in food, So I usually have to whip up single portions.( hence the yields 2 servings), so for more of a crowd, double the recipe for 4, triple for 6, etc

Sheri D's Spicy Red Lentil Tomato Soup

real nice, easy red lentil soup, if you like spicy

Sheri's Vegetarian Italian Wedding Soup

I used to work in a Restaurant where the Italian wedding was very popular. being a vegetarian, I had never tried it, but it smelled so good I had to try and wing my own version. I don't know how mine compares in flavour (like I said, never had it) but it looks and smells very similar, and it is so yummy either way :)
The standard meatballs are replaced with Veggie sausage & Vegetable broth is used in place of the usual chicken. fore go the egg if you want a vegan recipe.
My Particular version is quite thick, So you can always tinker with amounts of veggies vs. broth to get the consistency you like best:)

Sheri's egg drop soup

I love experimenting with recipes, especially soups :) I looked 10 or 12 egg drop soup recipes, and took what I liked best of each ( and what I had on hand) and just made this. It was so yummy! just a little spicy :)

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Sheri D's Yummy Soups :)
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