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Beef Asparagus Roll ups

Trying something new!

Asparagus cheese mini quiche Low Carb

easy make ahead breakfast meal

Spicy Chocolate Nutty Fat Bomb

My own concoction, 2 servings

Mayo with rice vinegar

I can't have any other vinegar, so I use rice vinegar- this is a sulfite free recipe

Cloud Bread (from internet source)

I took this recipe off the internet, looking to add this to my recipe box so I can track it easier

Broccoli and Beef Casserole

This is a recipe I have made from years ago and suddenly remembered it's a good low carb recipe!

Cheesy Chicken Casserole low carb

just trying to get some nutritional values for what I found online!

Classic Hollandaise Sauce (low carb)

This is the Classic recipe from Betty Crocker cookbook from the 60's! OMG so good. Try not to eat more than one serving! :)

Keto Peanut Butter Fudge

Good Fat bomb recipe.

Low Carb Chili

I did not include chili seasonings in my nutrition because I make my own spices, no sugar or flour added

Nutty Flakey Chocolate fat bombs

just trying to figure out a good fat bomb recipe! :)

Creamy Chicken Low Carb

Just something I threw together today for me and my daughter. note to add spices that you like. I added salt and Garam Masala. it was yummo!

Vegan Gravy *dairy free not gluten free*

This is my basic gravy recipe. you can adjust it up or down according to your needs. Just remember 2:2:1 flour/oil to water You can use milk, chicken or beef broth, you can even make cheese sauce out of it. I made this with Vegan vegetable broth last night, so that's why that is the ingredient in my recipe

Spanish Shepherd's Pie *dairy free, gluten free

I used a bunch of leftovers to make this yummy meal! enjoy!

Potato chicken soup dairy free, gluten free

Easy quick recipe that is creamy without and added dairy

Sweet Italian Sausage

Got this off and modified it for MY needs

I have changed this recipe to 2 lbs 93% lean ground turkey, which has DRASTICALLY changed the calorie count! This is almost guilt free for 2 oz! ;)

Bird's nest pie

Got this out of the Once a month cookbook, and of course tweaked it! ;) I'm using MY recipe of sweet italian sausage (but using ground turkey instead of the combo of meats, so that will bring the cal count down too). This is a great make-ahead to put in the freezer for next week. Or, make 2 and freeze one. I am writing the recipe instructions as in the book.....

Chicken "Pot Pie"

I made up this recipe myself- adjust to your liking. This serves 12 -if made in a 9X13 pan it is easier to portion out

Chicken noodle broocoli dinner

this is something I took off a can of cream soup years ago. You could make it lower calorie/fat if you want to, this is just how I made it tonight! *Edited to use my cream of soup recipe (3 recipes)- note the lowered calories (245!)

chicken Tetrazzini

Ok, another OMAC recipe.... I guesstimated the chicken (calls for 5.5 cups, and that isn't available, so I put in 24 oz chicken for nutrition value. I also used 2 servings (2=2 cans) of my homemade cream of soup recipe which is fat free! If I need to change the oz on the chicken once I make this, I will... but if you use canned soup, be warned the cals will be different

OMAC Spaghetti Pie

Got this off the internet---- 12 servings to keep the cals low, so watch out! ;)

OMAC Oriental Chicken

another freezer meal..... subbing the "chow mein noodles" for brown rice the night I prepare it for dinner....

Rocco DiSpirito's "un-fried chicken" a la Jennywren

took his recipe and tweaked it for our family, and what we have in the house....

Egg Salad

made this for breakfast.... yummmmm

Zucchini Pancakes

got this out of an old cookbook- looked like a good snack! - I'm guessing on some portions/servings.... let me know if anything needs changing please!

Jennywren93's pure fruit smoothie

I make this for my kids all the time and they just love it! I use my Ninja master prep- but you could use a blender.

Very Good (6 ratings)
mexican ground beef and cornbread onepan

took someone elses recipe and tweaked it with what I had in my pantry.... this is what I came up with. I think the fat is wrong as I used 93/7 ground beef. I also used homemade taco spices (very easy, will post recipe next) so no added flour to recipe.

Chicken Alfredo

What I had for dinner last night. Some things are approximations (you may need more than 2 cups of liquid, if so, add water to thin it out) You can lighten this up by using margarine, lower fat (no fat) milk, and you can use whole grain noodles (I usually do, didn't have them last night)

Basic Spaghetti Sauce

This is my basic spaghetti sauce. You can add ground turkey to it, meat balls, use it in lasagna, over spaghetti squash, in pizza fold ups (for the kids lunches), or as pizza sauce. It is quick, easy, and my kids verbally beat me up the last time I bought canned sauce! It was "awful MOOOOM!" Add other fav veggies if you like it chunky: peppers, mushrooms, whole tomatoes, shedded zucchini, shredded spinach, etc

Crustless Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

I make this all the time, it's a good make ahead for breakfast, or lunch, freeze the rest and then just take out what you need. Yes, not 100% healthy, but add more veggies to it... onion, green pepper, etc. You can also add turkey bacon or sausage, canadian bacon, etc. This is just the "base recipe"


Just some good old fashioned brownies

Easy hearty breakfast eggs

I make this just about every morning! Fills me up and keeps me moving!

Jennywren93's Tofu Smoothie

I love this for an easy on the go breakfast or lunch! Or a late dinner if we have been running around and I don't feel like eating!

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