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Recipes I've Shared:

Apple Pie - 5 ingredients!

This is the easiet, simplest apple pie ever.

Lots of pie recipes call for sugar, sweetener, more fruit, etc. I just like the pie to be simple, and don't feel that it needs extra fillers, or salt in the crust!

I keep it basic, and I will say: No one ever complains :)

Cannelloni with Ground Beef and Zucchini

An easy, make ahead meal great for sharing with friends and family.

Beer Stew

A simple slow cooker recipe that can be thrown together in the morning before work, or tended to all day.

I start with just the beef, beer and water for the first couple of hours. I then add the rest of my vegetables, allowing plenty of time to cook and let the flavours meld. About an hour before serving I add the rue (the water and flour mixture) to get the stew to thicken a bit more. Serve, and enjoy!

Alternatively, one could simply throw everything in at once in the morning and come home to a lovely smelling home with dinner ready to go. After all, that's what a slow cooker is for isn't it?

Teriyaki Meatballs

Easy tasty meatballs perfect for a party appetizer or freezing portions and putting aside for simple mid-week meals

Guacamole (Easy!)

Super easy and tasty guacamole. It's hard not to eat it all yourself though.

Almond Bars

Wheat, Egg, and Sugar free

Scalloped Potatoes

easy and quick to make