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Pumpkin Molasses Muffins

Very moist and delicious! Low-fat too!

Pasta con Queso and Sausage

Zesty from the jalapeņo sausage! A colorful pasta dish.

Laura's Lentil Salad

Add feta or goat cheese, brown rice, wheat berries, bulgar, quinoa -use your imagination!

Sweet-Tart Cranberry Orange Sauce

Not too sweet! Use it as a holiday condiment or top waffles, pancakes, oatmeal - get creative!

Oatmeal (less) Cookies

These cookies are Egg-less, Dairy-less and Flour-less - so they're Less Cookies!

Asparagus Snap Pea stir-fry side dish

Great side with fish, chicken, pork! Season to taste if you like it hotter!!! A bit of prep time chopping all the veggies, but good stir-fries are worth it and once you start cooking, it comes together quickly.

Chicken Maque Choux

A colorful, spicy, delicious Cajun-inspired dish!

Chicken Chorizo & Eggs

Easy to add salsa, beans, cheese, onions, etc - but don't forget to add the calories too!

Almost Fat-Free(!) Banana Mini Muffins

I topped with more brown sugar to make a bit of a crunch, calories for this not included. Yummy on their own! And play with the flour mixtures, dry fruits and nuts!!

Chicken and Noodles

Just like my Grandma used to make (almost)! Veggies of choice can easily be added.

Thai Ground Chicken Basil

Serve as lettuce wraps, over a bed of spinach or with brown rice - YUM! Adapted from Allrecipes (thank you!)

Mexi Chix Skillet with Black Beans, Brown Rice and Rotel

Fast and easy to put together! Switch out ground turkey, chicken or beef. I had beef stock on hand, but use vege or chicken instead. Feel free to spice it up!

LHM Breakfast Quinoa

Great way to start the day; similar to oatmeal, but without the gluten and it keeps me full all morning!

Ham & Spinach Quiche

Great for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner - anytime!

Mexican Chicken & Rice Skillet

A quick, low fat stove-top spicy concoction made from mostly pantry stables. Feel free to sub ingredients you have on hand!

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