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Spaghetti Meat Sauce

I like to use Grass fed beef and fresh herbs if I have it, also you can substitue red wine for white wine

Cualiflower sauce

A sauce to be used in casseroles or just as a sauce

Turkey Kielbasa mushroom stir fry

Using Quinoa instead of rice and turkey sausage makes this much liter dish.

Zuccinni, spinach, mushroom Lasagna

for the lasanga spot when you don't want pasta

Chicken Salad Spread

A great spreadable chicken salad.

Sheapards Pie Veggie Chicken

A great way to use up leftover chichen

Vanilla Ricotta Creme

This is my take on the South Beach Diet recipe. Great after dinner snack for South Beach Diet.

Turkey and mushroom soup round two

A lighter version made with chicken stock

3 Egg mushroom and creamed spinace omlette

3 Egg omlette to make with leftovers
I like to cook this in GT Xpress 101

Mild Picco De Gallo

Picco de gallo with out jallapeno

Turkey & Mushroom Soup

Turkey & Mushroom Soup

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Welcome! There are two things about me you should know. I don't like to throw anything away and I am alwyas experimenting with healthier ingredients. I guess there is a thrid thing I try to avoid dairy (except for cheese) and carbs. You will see some out of the ordinary ingredients. Enjoy! :)