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O's Omega-3 Smoothie

No dairy or fish oil in this one! (Burping up fish oil is totally the worst)

In my opinion, walnuts are the best tasting source of ALA Omega-3's. I've always liked smoothies, but they seem to make me crash mid-morning. This smoothie has no added sweetener and the walnut oil makes it a little more filling. It adds a really nice nutty flavor that melds well with the fruit. Plus, the oil is packing 1.4 grams of Omega-3's!

One note about nutrition information accuracy... If you use a cranberry juice from concentrate or a vanilla flavored almond milk, it will make a difference so be careful!

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Nuts About Walnuts!
My family has a small walnut farm where people can buy organic walnuts and walnut oil. We dry farm, so the nuts are much less bitter with a more buttery flavor than store bought (people that donít like walnuts usually havenít had a good one!). This is my stash of all our wonderful walnut recipes!