Recipes I've Shared:

Stands Chicken

This is my favorite dish from Grand Stands, my favorite high school hang out. The recipe is simple, but the taste and texture are wonderful.

Turkey Meatballs

based on the Mar-a-Lago turkey burgers Oprah shared on her show.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Chicken Salad Club Sandwich

There are so many things that make this sandwich special--the texture of the finely chopped ingredients, the sweetness of the dressing, and the saltiness of the bacon.

Smokehouse Quesadillas

I had something like these at a restaurant as a kid. I've been making my variation since I was 14, when they took theirs off the menu.

Fruit Salsa

This is so good served with apple cinnamon chips

Mexican Lasagna

A tasty dish that's even better the next day.

Zesty Chicken Pasta

This pasta is full of veggies, and a welcome change to the typical tomatoes and cheese on pasta.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Nuts and Bolts

this chex mix is my family's holiday tradition. be careful--it's addictive!

Truffle Pie

A dense pie with a strong chocolate flavor. Try with Rapsberry Sauce!

Sinful Breakfast Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich that tastes like one from a drive thru, but so much better for you! The ICBINB Spray gives it just enough of a greasy texture to make you think you've indulged.

Recipes I've Rated: