Recipes I've Shared:

Grilled pepper, onion, and mushroom mix

This is my favorite way to cook veggies in the summer!

Creamy and Chunky Tomato Soup

You can eat this chunk or pureed. My kiddos don't like the chunks, so I usually put it in the blender when I am finished.

My California Rolls

Found these online and made them healthier. I cut each roll into 7 pieces. They are a little different than many on Spark, as they have a bit of mayo in the crab part.

I put them into the calculator twice, as I couldn't believe they were less than 50 calories a piece!

Hearty Southwest Breakfast Burritos

I eat my heartiest meal for breakfast, so I don't feel guilty about the calories and fat in this one! Plus, it keeps me full until lunch, so I don't need a snack in the morning.

Using 2 cups of egg substitute brings calories to 254.2, Fat to 9.2, and Cholesterol to 19.1

Jell-O Ice Cream (Homemade)

I put this all in my ice cream maker (the easy, countertop kind) for 20 minutes and YUM! This is the base. You can use any type of pudding mix, as well as other add-ins.

Very Good (1 rating)
Almond Joy Oatmeal

Tastes like an Almond Joy candy bar!!

Flavorful Meatballs

I took three different recipes and built my own. Serving is one meatball. I make several batches at a time and freeze them for a quick meal.

Crockpot wild rice and mushrooms

A simple side dish with wild rice, mushrooms, onions, and other spices!

Crockpot Chicken Taco Soup

The one with a Hidden Valley Ranch Packet!

Mom's Chili

Slightly spicy, but VERY filling chili!!