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Recipes I've Shared:

meatless grillers spaghetti sauce

Morningstar farms grillers crumble in tomato pepper sauce

Lentil Quinoa vegetable

Lentils, quinoa, spinach & diced tomatoes

Chickpea spread

Boiled chickpeas processed spread with spinach & lemon

Yogurt Scones, strawberry fruit, splenda

Non Fat yogurt, sugar free, 129 calories each

Bob Mill's Delicious Bran Muffins

Bran Raisin Muffins 111 calories each

Oatmeal yogurt raspberry chip muffins

Light oatmeal muffin with split raspberries, dotted with dark chocolate chips.

Low salt Lasagne spinach

diet substitutes cottage cheese for ricotta and
Morningstar Crumbles for ground meat

Brown Rice Lentil Quinoa

Low calorie healthy grains

Fresh fruit smoothie

Sliced fruit, water

Strawberry Oat Bran Muffins 160 calories!

Fresh chopped strawberries in oat muffin

Grilled Tuna Swiss cheese sandwich

Lactose Free, 209 calories serving

Blueberry Scones

Scones 160 calories!

hamburg spaghetti sauce

Low salt, low fat 127 calories

Apple Raisin Scones

Light fruity raisin scone, 125 calories a slice

Eggplant minipizzas, 23 calories each

roast sliced eggplant -seasoned, tomato, mushroom & mozzarella cheese

Cooked Chicory

Cleaned, chicory boiled, shallots, NO Salt Substitute, Lime

Non dairy Fiber Smoothie 1

Soy milk, Fitness whey powder & fresh fruit

Salmon Broccoli Egg Roll Wraps

Mix cooked salmon, mann's broccoli slaw, peach sauce into Nasoya Egg Roll Wraps

Brown Rice, lentils and red bean

Side: Brown rice - lentils - red bean

Hot oat bran cereal

Oat Bran cereal w/ raisins & molasses

No salt Beef Stew

No salt added Beef Stew w/beans,carrots, potatos

Spinach & Cheese Omelet w/Egg substitute

Quik spinach, cheese & egg alternative omelet

Vegetarian navy beans with barley

Hearty bowl beans & barley with natural vegetable flavorings.

Country Fair Egg Bread

sandwich bread made short loaf & 5 rolls, 108 calories 3/8 inch slice

Cold weather vegetable soup 155 calories a bowl

Smooth white vegetable soup with lentils & barley

Yellow rice and vegetables

Tasty side dish - no salt added

Homemade baked beans

Navy beans in tomato herbed sauce

Whole wheat mini pizza

Low salt, low carb veggie cheese, anchovies and ham on 7" whole wheat pizza crust.

Meatless Lasagna, 209 cals

Healthy harvest lasagna noodles layered with seasoned tomato sauce, soy mozzarella cheeses, ground morningstar crumbles

Squash Pie 153 cals per slice!

Squash Pie with nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin spice.

Steak & Mushroom Pita Pocket

Lean, thinly sliced beef brisket cooked with mushrooms and shallots, melted mozzarello blend veggie cheese shreds.

Cranberry Bread

Homemade Cranberry Orange Bread, 95 calories a slice

New England Pumpkin Pie (low fat)

Homemade Pumpkin Pie, limited fat products, 136 calories a slice!

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Mushroom & brown rice stuffing

Stuffed Eggplant w/ daiya cheese, low salt

Eggplant stuffed with vegetables no salt added, baked!

Salad stuffed Pita

Tangy salad stuffed pita

Spinach & Rice (Spanakorizo)

Greek style where rice, herbs and spinach are boiled. Nice side dish. Salt is optional.

Spinach Pie

Pie Crust , cooked spinach strained, seasoning, cheese.

Peach Strudel

Low fat pie crust spread with peach & brown sugar. Sprinkled with chopped walnuts dust. Fold crust over bottom crust to make two inch wide strudel log.

Low Fat Crust

Pie crust, low fat for 7" deep pie

refrigerated low fat oatmeal cookies

low fat, oatmeal cookies with chopped raisins - chocolate semi sweet mini-morsels - ground walnuts

Pear Tartlette

makeshift pear tart with leftover pie crust dough

Low Fat/Cal Blueberry Pie

Lucky Leaf 100% fruit blueberry pie filling w/ low fat pie crust

tofu & mushroom Quiche

Tofu smart dog sliced thin with mushroom slices, swiss soy cheese & custard

Low fat apple pie 129 calories

sliced honeycrisp apples in a homemade pie crust.

Low fat Pumpkin Pie

One Pumpkin Pie can recipe