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Recipes I've Shared:

Very Good (2 ratings)
Fat free no sugar added Low calorie Brownies

These brownies are perfect for your chocolate craving on a diet or just when you want to eat healthier. They are whole grain and delicious!

Fat free no sugar added Low calorie Brownies

These brownies are perfect for your chocolate craving on a diet or just when you want to eat healthier. They are whole grain and delicious!

Whole grain Low sugar mini cinnamon buns

The warm sticky sensation of a cinnamon bun, without the enormous amounts of fat, calories, and sugar

Very Good (1 rating)
Creamy Spinach Pasta with Tofu Shirataki Noodles

Delicious, creamy, and full of good stuff, plus super low in calories. With this pasta, you get a full 8 oz of pasta for only 40 calories, plus this delicious creamy sauce!

Berry Crumble Cups

Yum yum in the tum tum

Whole Wheat Crepes

Delicious, low cal, low carb, healthy!

Very Good (1 rating)
Shockingly good Lettuce "Chips" (Yummy Sub for Potato chips)

I know it sounds weird, but give yourself 5 minutes and just try it its so easy and its shockingly satisfying! Might make a great substitute for Potato Chips for you! It Definitely Satisfies the Salty Cravings!

Fried Chicken Strips w/ Crusty Almond Breading

A healthy and delicious Substitute to fried chicken!
(in my opinion, better!)

Kaytlin's Get Well Chicken Soup

Just a quick soup i throw together to eat when i'm under the weather

Toasted Wheat Crackers

It's very simple, delicious and cheap! Did i mention cheap?

Strawberry Slush

A Satisfying Sweet treat that won't ruin your healthy habits. Just 3 simple ingredients! All you need is a blender

Kaytlin's Spicy Black Bean and Veggie Soup

It's Basically just some beans and veggies, heated up with a little cumin and red pepper cooked in beef stalk. It's very easy and quick, simple, yet delicious, and not to mention chunky!

SBD Tomato- Basil Couscous Salad

This is a recipe from the South Beach Diet book. Although I am no longer on the diet i still eat this all the time because it is so simple and absolutely delicious!

Whole Wheat Chapatis (Roti)

Spelled Chipati, Chipatti, or Chipathi, or also called Roti, These flatbreads are a tradition in Indian cuisine. I learned this recipe from my mom and dad, who learned it from my Grandpa who was born and lived in india for four years. Only uses 1 ingredient, Whole wheat flour, and they are very healthy and delicious!

Lemon Cookies Sugar Free

Delicious and light, and only 30 calories each, have 4! also sugar free!

Kaytlin's Spicy Black Bean Fiesta Soup

I decided i wanted bean soup, So i made do with what i had and made a quickee little soup with just a can of beans, some spices, greens and salsa. Hope you like it, It's spicy! PS Sorry abut the bad picture! My webcam is not good!

Sugar free Vanilla Almond Cinnamon and Splenda cookies

I decided to take a classic sugar cookie recipe made with olive oil and use whole wheat flour, splenda, and some spices. Everyone in my family loved them!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Cinnamon-Banana Oatmeal Waffle

Making this into a recipe makes it easier to enter into my food tracker, but It's good to share too, right?
Besides, i think it's delicious

Sugar free Decaf iced mocha made with Starbucks Via

This mocha was made for those with a big sweet tooth!
It's made from decaf starbucks via italian instant coffee, sugar free choclate syrup and some nonfat milk

SOUTH BEACH Friendly Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes

These were inspired by the recipe in the south beach diet book so it's phases 2 and 3 friendly, but tweaked a little by me, to be tastier and chocolatey!
(Note: This recipe has 1.5 grams of sugar, so it isnt sugar FREE, but i hoped that putting it in this category would help South Beach Dieters to find it :)

Homemade Low Carb/Sugar free Cocoa w/ 1/2 milk and 1/2 water

It is technically sugar free because there is no sugar in anything BUT the milk, which has 12 grams of sugar per cup due to lactose.

This recipe is using half milk and half water to cut the calories and sugar.
ATTENTION: The already listed nonfat milk says it contains no sugar. this is not true.