Recipes I've Shared:

Asian wild rice

Tofurky tempeh marinated in coconut and curry was not as good as just almonds as a protein. A full bag of Lundbery wild rice can be cooked ahead then frozen in 1 C. amts. for future dishes. I used red miso rather than white.

cheryl's blackberry-cherry trifle

made for a diabetic, all ingredients possible are sugar free or no sugar added

Cheryl's basic salad

This is the basis for many different quick salads

Blackberry syrup cheryl

juiced blackberries with whole berries added.
Intended as a garnish for1/2 cup Dannon nonfat plain yogurt. This is a very satisfying and healthy dessert

Eggplant Quesdilla Cassarole

Eggplant replaces the traditional torillas. This saves sodium, and fat. It provides a good carbohydrate. This can be cut after cooking into desired portions. Then can be heated, placed in the center of salad greens and dressed with salsa for a 'taco' salad

Curried lentils with fruit

use green lentils or mix of red and green. Fruit to add varies with season.

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