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Recipes I've Shared:

Bueno Hearty Vegetable Soup

I had not time to think about cooking had these ingredients and loved each blessed flavor coming from that spoon.

Bueno Caramelized Pearls

Easy caramelized pearl onions

Large Shell Shrimp Ricotta Supreme

This is a beautiful dish. I usually make Spinach and Ricotta large shells but this time I thought shrimp... and my wife loved it! So it is awesome!

Vitamina de Maçã

Nice breakfast or anytime treat.

Zucchini Bueno Suflê

Not sure if I should call it a casserole... But it is light and lovely.

Easy Bueno Cod Fish Dish

This is a short version of a Portuguese-like way to prepare cod fish that I had growing up made by my mom. I kept out the potatoes and the boiled eggs. Other than that pretty much the same, easy to make, delicious to savor.

Bueno Shepperd Pie

This is not difficult to prepare. I like to get the ingredients all at hand first, then use them in the sequence so it is done in minutes. For this one in particular, I used 1/2 lb leftover of a beef roast that I shredded instead of fresh beef chuck. The final result was delicious!

Spinach for Breakfast

Quick fix for breakfast!

Paté de Atum

Very simple paté for a snack!

Light Avocado Smoothie

Quick healthy smoothie to start your day! Brazilians love it!

Mushroom Breakfast Delight

Very quick fix for breakfast instead of eating eggs everyday.

Bueno Beef Roast

Very easy Roast made in the Crock Pot overnight.


Melted Cheese Sandwich

Cleansing Smoothie

Good to clean you up from inside out!

Small batch fluffy pancakes

Very easy and quick recipe for your breakfast.

Pirão de Peixe / Fish Purée

I had a tilapia filet and a can of tuna and some flour from Brazil (farinha de mandioca - tapioca hoarse flour). With some spices and red pepper (not in the recipe) it was great and low calories! :)

Broccolli Chicken Stir Fry

Great taste, easy to make.

Egg Bread 2 lb - Goldstar Bread Machine

This is one of the softest bread to make in this machine but I added a twist: instead of 4 1/2 cups flour I put 3 cups white and 1 1/3 whole wheat grounded fresh from wheat grains. Delicious!!!!!

Oatmeal Bread

Very moist and soft bread that I make in my bread machine. If you have one, just add the ingredients in the orders that shows in the recipe and push the button to cook as if it were French Bread.

Napa and Zucchini stew

Quick side dish to serve with rice, very low calories

Panqueca de Carne Moída (Ground beef crepes)

This is amazingly delicious for a meal with friends. You get 16 portions and they are mouth watering. Trust me!

Cuscuz Paulista (Brazilian Tamales Bundt)

This is typical of the north of Brazil, it is very exotic and delicious for lunch, dinner, or snack at a party.

Pudim de Leite Condensado

Condensed Milk Pudim... not for diet, sorry!

Pico de Gallo

Light and delicious snack! The dream of every person on a diet!

Bueno Portabello Parmegiana

Very easy, nutritious, and delicious!

Bobó de Camarão

Depois eu digo como faz.... I will tell you later :)

Baby Spinach Breakfast Omelet

This is delicious, refreshing and could be the whole meal for the morning for two!

Fluffy Whole Wheat Blueberry Panacakes

This came up out of an accident in the kitchen but it is worth the try!

Puchero a la Bueno

Very good stew to serve with rice.

Green and Yellow salad

Peas and corn... cannot be easier than that!

Eduardo's Bread

Very easy to make if you have the bread machine.

Chic Barak (Yogurt Soup) with Kibe

This is a middle eastern soup with meatballs made of kibe (ground beef, bulgur wheat and mint). Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!!!

Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

Very easy to prepare and very fluffy indeed

Picadinho de Abobrinha

This is very quick to make and goes very well with rice.

Zucchini Onion Asian Stirr

Use it as a side for fish or steak

Very Good (2 ratings)
Brazilian Meat Loaf

This meat loaf is stuffed with corn, green beans and carrots. You can make two loaves and share one to make someone happy :)

Loreta's Eggplant Salad

This is a good snack to eat with bread or pita bread or your favorite meat or meal as a salad.

Mango Apple Oats Shake

Quick and easy does it all the time. This serves 2 people.

Onion Omelet

This is an easy delicious omelet for breakfast for two

Gislaine's Ginger Coconut Chicken

We found this in the internet and modified the amounts of spices and ingredients the way we like it. so it is our customized recipe. It is worth every single ingredient you put there. Trust me! Serve with rice!

Strawberry Delight

Modified recipe from Kraft... It is easy to make an very tasty

Aspargus Seafood Light Soup

This is a great dish and feeds 5 people, maybe 6 (depends how hungry they are....)

Low Carb Pork and Beef Meetballs

These are very light and good to eat with vegetables or salad.

MIni Tortilla Pizzas

These are easy to make, tasty, and very good for someone on a low carb high fiber diet.

Low Carb High Fiber fluffly pancakes

I modified the pancake by cutting wheat flour in half and adding almond flour and flax seed meal to make up the cup necessary for this recipe for two.

Enriched soft Tacos

This recipe will give you 4 huge tacos that are high in Fiber and very tasty.

Light Thai Shrimp Coconut soup

This is delicious and easy to make. Very healthy low calorie, low sugar, low carb meal! Enjoy!

Mock low carb Danish

This recipe is better than the original that uses 2 real eggs. I cut the cholesterol out with egg beaters. It is very good and very healthy...

Mjaddara - Lebanese rice and lentils

This is how my mom used to make it. Grandparents were from Lebanon and she learned from them. This is simply heavenly.

Kibe (keebee)

Middle Eastern meat loaf with bulgur wheat, mint and onions... it is chewey and tasty...

Chicken Pie with broccoli

I added chayote squash and broccoli on this one...

Bueno Apple Pie

This will give you 8 large slices of delicious pie with the flakiest dough you ever tried...

Mini burger patties - low sodium

Don't need salt, fast to make... eat with orowheat thin buns

Home made pasta dough

Very fast and easy to make

Mussaka Light

This takes time to make but the flavor is worth the time moving around in the kitchen.

Picadinho de Carne Moida

That is green beans and ground beef with a light sauce. Serve with rice. This is very Brazilian.

Quick Apple Strusel Coffee Cake

This cake is moist, smells amazingly well, and it is delicious like you think it is illegal to eat it.

Allison's Pumpkin Cake by memory

Allison (next cubicle) gave me this recipe by memory. She brought it to work and it was just amazing.

Brazilian Style Lasagna

We use ham and cheese in our lasagna along with bolognesa sauce (tomato sauce with ground beef) and no ricotta cheese. It is loaded with cheddar cheese though. Eat at your own risk but it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!!

Homemade Yogurt

This is my mom's recipe from her mom from Lebanon. If you want one gallon of Yogurt to enjoy... here goes...

Picadinho de Napa Cabbage

"Picadinho" in Portuguese culinary means that you are going to fry some ground beef and add potatoes, or green beans, or whatever. In this case I added Napa Cabbage. Serve with rice.

Fried Banana with Cinamon

Very easy to make. Does not need sugar.

Oat Meal for Three

I made this for my wife, my daughter, and me. We topped it with raspberries and blueberries... very easy and tasty

Ground Beef Stuffed Crepes (Panquequinhas)

This is very typical in Brazil and you can stuff the crepes with chicken or ricotta cheese with fresh parsley if you want!!!

Bueno Chicken Soup

I make chicken soup with rice but this time I added carrots and butternut squash... it heals the soul!!!

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Super easy to prepare and tasty!!!

Roasted Tomato and Vegetable soup

This soup is very easy to make and diabetes T2 friendly.

Herbed Stake with Balsamic Sauce

This stake is very juicy and easy to make...

Lebanese Tabuli

This is how my mother used to make it. There are many recipes and most people don't know this salad... they think the other tabouli.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

This is middle eastern cuisine at its best. It talkes time, it's exotic, it's delicious...

Spicy Napa Cabbage

Easy and delicious

Papaya Organge Flex smoothie

This is to make you healthy but it tastes good too...

Breakfast turkey sausage omelet

Easy to make omelet for two...

Chicken topping

A quick mix of chicken and mayo to put on crackers.

Tomato Onion Omelet

Quick, easy and tasty omelet for filling breakfast!

Shrimp Risotto

I invented this one. You can call it Shrimp Rice Casserole if you want. It just tastes amazing!!!

Stuffed Bell Pepper

Forget the rice! This is meat and saltine crackers with eggs.

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