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Recipes I've Shared:

Crustless Smacon Lorraine

crustless, vegetarian quiche lorraine with smacon (smart bacon), onions and red peppers.


oatmeal scotchies team up with raisins and chocolate chips to dissapear in no time!

mashed potatoes with a secret (cauliflower...shhhh!!!)

homemade mashed potatoes, easy and delicious with a healthy secret ingredient, caulifower.

3 cheese scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs with asiago, cheddar and american cheese, enough for a crowd.

baked blueberry cinnamon swirl french toast

An easy way to cook for a crowd! This dish makes a Mother's Day brunch easy. I did all the prep the night before and stored it prepared in the fridge overnight. 45 minutes before we wanted to eat, I just popped it in the oven and waited for the aromas and compliments and lemme tell ya brother, both were pretty sweet! Rich custardy french toast with nobody having to man a griddle. All can eat at together.

Fannie's Lentil Soup (yeild 8 1 cup servings)

tasty, simple, filling easy lentil soup. great for cold days.

POW!! banana muffins

banana muffins with added flax seed, wheat germ and wheat bran

flaxseed, wheat bran and wheat germ pancakes

Healthy pancakes that are tasty enough for a 3 year old to eat every week!

Johnny's home made pizza

tasty, pretty quick (once dough is made) and healthy pizza the whole family will love

JP Pizza Dough

homemade pizza dough

pumpkin orange pancakes w/flax, germ and bran

delicious orange flavor with health benefits of pumpkin puree, flax seed meal, wheat germ and wheat bran

Recipes I've Rated: