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Mustard Cream Sauce

use with either pork or poultry

Pork Chops w Mustard Cream Sauce

WW Sauce works on chicken as well as pork

Pineapple Dill Salad

1/2 cup serving - Great balance to spicy main dish. Fresh pineapple is even better but when you don't have fresh on hand the can with 100% pineapple juice can make the meal..

Meatloaf with mushrooms and onions

serves 6 - slice to 12 - serving is 2 slices

Cuban-Style Sloppy Joes

WW serves 6 - 1 sandwich is 3/4 cup mixture on 1 roll with top and bottom.

Chicken with Bernaise Sauce

WWW Five Ingrediants in 15 Minute
5 points

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chicken with apples & cider

WW momentum page 155
1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup noodles and 1/4 cup sauce

Sage-Rubbed Pork Chops w Mushrooms

WW Healthy Cooking pg 119
1 chop each w 1/2 cup mushrooms

Chicken and White Bean Stew with Lemon and S

From WW: Healthy cooking Basics
NOT SHARED if you see this please let me know as this was for my use only.
Tasted Great

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