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Recipes I've Shared:

Freezable Slow Cooker Pear Oatmeal Recipe

Adapted slightly from Once A Month Mom

Slow Cooker Baked Bean Pork

Adapted from Once A Month Mom, the original uses chicken and black beans along with the red (1 can each and 2 cans pinto beans). Nutrition information is for pork as stated below.

Low Fat Biscuits

adapted from recipe 252350

The original recipe states that this will make 16 biscuits. Using a biscuit cutter, and with the dough about 3/4" thick, I was able to get 9 large biscuits.

Cheez It Chicken (WW)

A family favorite, originally from Weight Watchers. In this version, I've substituted FF plain yogurt for sour cream because it's what I had on hand, but either one works great.

Weekly Make and Bake Rustic Bread

Adapted from recipe #340621

This simple recipe makes up a large batch of rustic bread dough. It can be stored in the fridge and then a loaf baked each day you want fresh bread. Just tear off a piece of dough when you want to bake a loaf of bread.

You can change the types of flour, as long as the ratio remains the same - you can mix rye or wholewheat flour with white, or add herbs, onions, seeds, fruit and other flavourings.

The dough can be used as soon as the initial rising has finished, but it will keep in a cool place or a fridge for a week or so. Keeping longer than two weeks is not recommended. Use the dough freeform for loaves, bake in pans, make rolls or use as pizza dough.

This amount makes about 4 loaves of bread, depending on the weight and shape of the bread that you bake. Nutrition information is for a loaf using 1/4 of the dough.

Important note - although the nutrition info shows the flour in cups, it's best to use the weights to get the correct proportion.

Good Seasons Caesar Mix - Less Oil Recipe

added for tracking purposes, made according to instructions on back of packet

Crumbly Curry

Serve over rice in a bento. Adapted from the book, Bento Love by Kentaro Kobayashi.

Cranberry Orange Scones

adapted from recipe 27910

Lower Fat Chicken Pot Pie With Phyllo Crust

The servings here are VERY generous! I actually like to make this for 1 serving, using individual sized casserole dishes. If you are a single or 2 person household, individual serving casserole dishes are a must! If you have not worked with phyllo before...see note below.

Fried Rice with Ham and Egg

adapted from cooking light

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A Plethora of Pears