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Recipes I've Shared:

Shereen's Workout Breakfast (Or Meal)

20g. Protein, Easy to Digest and Full of Long-Lasting Energy! (It tastes better than it looks LOL.)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip No-Bake Protein Bars

Really delicious! 11 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat, 167 calories.

Matzoh Spinach Lasagna

This is a holiday favorite every year. So easy to make, and always the first thing gone at the table. Nobody will ever know it isn't made with noodles!

Yogurt Sauce for Dipping Vegetables

Deliciously Good For You. I use this as a dip for artichokes.

Mexican Egg Wrap

Again, inspired by a trip to Mexico, this is a tasty meal to grab and go with!

Egg White & Cottage Cheese Omelette with Tomato Dill Salsa

This is a light, refreshing breakfast, packed with protein (23g.), and low in fat (3g.).

Turkey and Broccoli Egg White Bake

Great for leftover turkey from the holidays.

Mexican Egg White Bake

This was inspired from a trip to Mexico. The flavors were wonderful together.

Leftover Turkey Reuben

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey? No problem! This has become one of my favorite lunches of all time! You can use deli. turkey, but the sodium will increase significantly.

Fajita Pizza

Be creative with this. I only caution you to try and keep the ingredients light in weight, or you will have a tasty but soggy mess!

Ground turkey and summer veggie stew

Hearty, healthy and delicious. Eat alone, or over pasta or rice.

Reenie's Greek Turkey Salad

I make this without the dressing, and eat half at a time. Add the dressing before eating to avoid sogginess.

Breakfast Tortilla Wrap

Low fat, low calorie, and high protein make this a staple in my diet.

Chick Pea and Quinoa Salad

This can be served either hot or cold.

Lemon-Garlic dressing

I use this in all kinds of salads, from pasta to Greek. It is fresh and lively.

Garlicky, Gingery Soy Dipping Sauce

This is a great dipping sauce for shrimp, chicken, vegetables or beef. Also a great marinade.

A+ Empty Your Veggie Bin Chicken Soup

This is really easy to make, and super nutritious. Be creative with the veggies! I usually empty out my veggie bin with whatever needs to be cooked quickly.

Hearty Chicken Vegetable Soup

This is really easy to make, and super nutritious. Be creative with the veggies! I usually empty out my veggie bin with whatever needs to be cooked quickly.

Easy Bean and Veggie Soup

Simple, Nourishing, and Meatless

Dehydrated Mushroom "Chips"

These are one of my favorite things to snack on! When they dry, they decrease in size tremendously, so start out with a lot.

Beanie's Black Bean Burger

Low in fat, high in protein and fiber!

Lower Fat Oat Waffles

A delicious lower fat version of a favorite!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Toaster Oven Roasted Mini Peppers

Once these are cooked, I pop them like they are candy. Look for mini peppers that have a variety of fun colors. They get really sweet when they roast. Use them on salads, in hummus, in the middle of a turkey roll-up, or just eat them plain!

Greek Veggie Pasta Salad

A great party food. This is one of the ones that people request most!

Asian Sesame Citrus Chicken Marinade

Marinates in 1 hr. Truly delicious on wings!

Matzoh Vegetable Lagagne

This was an experiment to come up with creative uses of matzoh. As it turns out, it is absoutely delicious. The added vegetables take away sone of the binding affects of the matzoh. ;)

Lightened Rachel Ray Chocolate Zucchini Cake

By substituting the applesauce for oil, this recipe is instantly lightened up, just as moist, and has just 1g. of fat as opposed to the over 9 in the original. I also made it into 24 servings instead of 9. Additionally, I sometimes use 1/2 Splenda for baking and 1/2 sugar. This cuts down the sugar content and calorie content from what is listed for the recipe, but you can experiment. This also works well in a loaf. Increase baking time accordingly. Enjoy!

WAYYY Above Average Burger- Greek Style

This is an AMAZING tasting burger. No condiments needed! If you like the taste of Greek food, you must try my latest invention!

Summer Squash and Sweet Potato Unlazagna

What do you do when you have a salad shooter and summer squash is on sale? lol This is really simple and delicious. I make it in my toaster oven. Add parmesan cheese on top after baking if you choose to do so. The calorie count does NOT include the cheese.

Soy, Semolina, Wheat, Oatmeal, Fiber bread dough

I make this in my bread machine, then form 2 loaves out of it. It is dense, so slice thinly after it cools completely for best cutting results. Freezes well.

Soy Wheat Bread Dough

I make this dough in my bread machine and bake it in my oven. If you slice it thicker, just be mindful of the calorie change.

Shereen's Lazy chicken salad

I do this when I am pressed for time. You can add a bit of curry, mustard, tarragon, turmeric or whatever spice you would like. The calorie value will not change.

Lean Beef Oatmeal Meatballs

The calorie count is for the balls only, not for whatever sauce you choose to cook them in.

Turkey mushroom oatballs

Put these in whatever sauce you want! The calorie count is for the balls only.

Shereen's Low sodium Tuna Salad

I HATE tuna, so this works for me! ;)

Beanie's Greek Egg White Bake

Low in fat and calories, high in nutrients and TASTE! Easy to make in your toaster oven, this dish will keep well in the refrigerator for up to 5 days! Just re-heat and eat, or eat cold!

Beef, Kale & Cabbage

Low fat, high protein & fiber!

Lean Turkey Mushroom Italian Burgers

Lean Turkey Mushroom Italian Burgers

Oatbran wheat bread for bread machine

Bread Machine ready or hand form

Avocado & Bean salad

No brainer easy salad or chunky dip!

Reenie's spinach salad

In-advance prep makes this work for me,

Unstuffed cabbage (sort-of soup)

Either as a soup or over brown rice

Recipes I've Rated:

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Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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Reenie's Egg White Wonders
There is no cheaper way to get your protein in than with egg whites. Low in calories (only 18 calories per large egg white), they really take on the flavor of whatever you add to them.
Pre and Post Workout