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Recipes I've Shared:

Guatemalan Eggs Over Easy With Grit Cakes and Salsa Fresca

Over Easy Eggs with a little taste of Guatemala. You will love this fresh new way to eat your eggs.

Chipotle Pulled Chicken with Broccoli Slaw & Mango Salsa

This fresh summer recipe has a perfect blend of spicy and sweet without all of the fat of pulled pork. Serve this on your favorite roll or a bed of lettuce. This recipe will quickly become a regular in you kitchen this summer.

Lean Ham and Cheese Quiche'

Here is a tasty but lean brunch option that is sure to please your Easter Brunch Crowd.

Pain Perdu with Champagne Glazed Berries

Pain Perdu--literally "lost bread"--was a simple breakfast of day-old French bread dredged in beaten eggs and pan-fried in butter. We have "skinnied" up this recipe a bit without trimming the flavor. Make this recipes for your sweetheart for Valentines day.

Lite Posole Pollo (Tomatillo, Chicken, and Hominy Soup)

This tasty winter recipe with warm your heart without adding padding to your behind. It is rich creamy and full of flavor.

Turkey Panini

The garlic basil mayo is a nice way to zest up that left over turkey from Thanksgiving. If you would like a cold sandwich just skip using the Panini grill.

Green Eggs & Gobble

Would you like to serve up a Thanksgiving Breakfast with a little Mexican flair? Try this recipe for a healthy light breakfast before the big feast. It is easy and light without missing the flavor.

Julie's Caesar Potato Salad

Add a Roman twist to a traditional favorite. Take this reciped to your next BBQ or family gathering and impress them with a little taste of Italy.

Fattoush (Lebanese Bread Salad)

Fattoush is a popular salad, especially in Lebanon. The great thing about fattoush is that you can add and delete veggies from the recipe according to taste. Instead of pita bread, you can also use French or Italian bread but it will add additional calories. This makes a great side to any grilled meat

Savory Easter Brunch Muffins

Enjoy these savory muffins with a cup of coffee and a side of fruit. A fun way to get your kids to eat a health breakfast.

Sweet and Spicy Jicama Salad

This sweet and spicy side makes a great additional to the spring picnics. Low if calories but high in nutrition,

Fresh Asparagus and Cherry Tomato Salad

Here is a fresh spin on asparagus that is sure to delight your tummy without increasing your waistline. Try this as a side with a grilled chicken breast and impress your friends.

Holiday Luck Soup

In my home in the south, my mother always prepared lucky foods as a tradition to eat on New Year Day. Black-eye peas for good fortune, Greens for prosperity, and pork for prosperity and wealth. Here is my slimmed down version in a soup, sure to bring you good luck in the New Year without adding to the waistline.

Trim Turkey Omelet

Share the flavors of the season and use up some of those thanksgiving leftovers all at the same time. This quick easy recipe will fill your stomach with flavors of thanksgiving without adding anything extra to the waistline.

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Ever have a cold and need a little different spin on chicken noodle soup? This recipe gives you the benefits of chicken soup with the freshness of herbs and just an hint of heat. Try this soup and you will never want to go back to the traditional soup again.

French Toast Souffle with Ginger Infused Peaches

Nice summer twist to an old favorite, french toast. With the calories reduced who can beat it.

Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad

Impress your friends with this nice summer salad recipe with a bit of Asian flair. It is full for fresh ingredients and has a bit of zing to it.

Fresh Watermelon Citrus Salad

Would you like a light fresh salad to serve at the next picnic? Try this cool summer salad that is sure to please. It mixes savory with sweet, and is delicious.

Stuffed and Grilled Chicken Poblanos

This is a great recipe to use on our outdoor grill when you want a little Mexican flair without all the fat. These would be great served with Mexican Rice and Beans.

Lite Korean Grilled Chicken (Dak Bulgogi)

Expand your horizons to another area of the Orient and try this sweet spicy dish with lots of flavor and little on the calories.

Carrot Cake Muffins with Vanilla Glaze

Do you love carrot cake but hate the calories. Here is a low fat carrot cake muffin recipe that is sure to please.

Spinach Pota Brata with Chicken Meatballs (Irish Flag Soup)

Want a low fat way to celebrate Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day? Make this tasty dish that is low in fat and full of flavor and nutrients. The Green, Orange, and White in this soup celebrate the Irish Flag and the low calories celebrate your waistline.

Very Good (1 rating)
Slim and Sloppy Moussakas

Remember as kid when mom used to make sloppy Joes for dinner and all of your friends wanted to come eat with you. Here is a Mediterranean twist on the sloppy Joe that is figure friendly and fun to eat. Remember to put your napkin around your neck.

Low Fat Asian Salmon Pasta Salad

Add a little Asian flair to your brunch. This pasta salad is high in Omega 3 and very tasty. With all of the flavor you won't even miss the fat.

Low-Fat Blueberry Yogurt Bread

Low-Fat Hearty bread that will help with those late night hunger cravings without adding to the waistline.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Slim Greek Chicken Burgers w/Tzatziki Sauce

This recipe is a great way to put a new spin on chicken. It is quick and easy to make and a great option for a low fat diet. You won't even ask "where's the beef" you will love these so much.

Black Eyed Pea Salad

A new way to prepare black eyed peas to start the new year right.

Low Fat Shrimp Quiche

Try this low fat version of Quiche which maybe low calorie but high on flavor.

Sweet Potato Latkes (Pancakes) with Apple Compote

This is a great breakfast item to make with those leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving. These pancakes will melt in your mouth and prepare you for those black Friday lines.

Slim Spinach & Chicken Quesadillas

This recipe adds a little Mexican flair without adding to your derriere. Serve with a side of salsa or pico de gallo and some greek yogurt for an extra treat.

Chicken Gyro Salad

Add a little zest to your brunch with this tasty Gyro salad. Low on fat of packed with flavor.

Pad Thai on the Skinny

Make this Pad Thai recipe on the skinny with a lot less fat than regular Pad Thai with nothing missing on the flavor. Adds a nice twist to a Sunday Brunch

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls with GInger Lime Dipping Sauce

Add a nice Asian flair to any brunch with these healthy tasty salad rolls. You can also substitute shrimp for the chicken if you would like.

Poached Eggs Cartagena

A healthy alternative to eggs benedict with a South American Flair. Nicely served with sliced tropical fruits like pineapple and strawberries.

Chicken Blueberry Salad

Try this healthy refreshing salad at your next brunch, it is sure to be a hit. It is packed with antioxidants and omega 3 to help keep you healthy this summer.

Nutty Chia Banana Bread

Elvis would have been "All Shook Up" eating this banana bread over brunch with Priscilla. The chia seeds help to make it heart healthy and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. If only he had known that then!

Fresh Garbanzo Bean Salad

This salad is nicely paired with some toasted Pita and makes a great addition to your brunch.

Slim Southwest Breakfast Pizza

This recipes is a delicious addition to any Sunday Brunch. Served with a side of fruit and additional salsa or non-fat yogurt it will quickly become a family favorite at the breakfast table. With half the fat and calories of a traditional breakfast pizza, you don't have to feel guilty for eating this dish.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Chocolate Chips what combo could be better in a muffin.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Lemon Walnut Muffins

This recipe is enriched with protein powder and are great to eat after a workout.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Cheesecake Stuffed Pumpkin Muffins

If you love cheesecake and pumpkin this recipe is for you. It is a nice fall recipe to serve for the holiday and not feel guilty.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Blueberry Lemon Walnut Muffins

This recipes is enhanced with protein powder to boost protein and nutricional value. Great bread to have after a workout.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Low Fat Peanut Butter Pancakes w/Strawberry Puree

Great Items to fix for the kids they are low fat, healthy, and delicious.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Extra Lean Breakfast Sandwich

Great Sandwich to enhance your workout for the New Year. Since everyone is getting in shape, you need to feed your muscles more protein. The more you feed your muscles the more you build and as your may already know, muscle tissue burns 4 times the calories of fat tissue.
This recipe is quick, easy, and very ymmy. Serve this will a piece of fruit and you are all set.

Aduki Bean Cowboy Salad

This is a nice refreshing salad with no fuss. It is great served with Tostito baked scoops.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Barley & Wild Rice Pilaf

Wonderful Hearty Recipe makes an excellent healthy side dish

Incredible! (1 rating)
Southwestern Chicken Bean Salad

Light fresh salad that is low fat.

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