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Recipes I've Shared:

Pancake made of buckwheat (Buchweizen, hajdina)

Pancakes made of buckweat, without sugar

Low calorie baked pepper-tomato salad with coriander

A tasty, cooked meal, with 100 kcal per portion. This is great if you are tired of eating fresh, want to feel some cooked taste, but want to keep the calories low.

Takes some time to make, but it is tasty, and it is very low in calories.

Milkrice pudding low calories (rice cooked in milk) Tejberizs

Minimalist, low fat (3g/serving) easy, cheap milk rice pudding recipe.
Advantage: Everybody can make a rice pudding - the difference I made is precise portion control, and fine tuned proportions.
Disadvantage: Evaporating the milk does take time (20+ mins), and needs stirring.

Mixed green leaf salad with tomato, corn, peppers

With oliver oil, falxseed (or other oil).

Rucola-Cornsalad salad (fresh, light and tasyt)

A fast, easy to made salad that can be prepared in any season. Eat alone, or with salmon or trout.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Linzer Raspberry-Almond Cookies (1piece=125kcal,

Extremely tasty, & were devoured by everyone! However, high in calroies (125 kcal/cookie).

Hungarian Apple Pie - Almás lepény at Magdi néni (1serving=1square=1x1inch=55kcal)

Apple pie can be find in every nations cuisine in Europe. This is how it's done in many households in Hungary. Great recipe to use leftover or juice quality apples.

Garnier stabilized lemon perle

Premade lemon preparation for cooking. For calorie calculation purposes only.

Lemon cake by Sophie

Made in the ICC office by Sophie

Rhubarb pie French (Tarte a rhubarbe) (1pie=~1000g,1serving=125g=1/8pie)

French rhubarb pie with cream.
Tasty, moderate in calories.

Olive and Tomato salad (Italian)

Fresh tomatos, with green olives, mixed together.
Light and delicious.
150 kcal per cup.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Spring salad of Veronika

Tasty salad of fresh vegetables of Spring

Rucola-paprika salad

Rucola, paprika, balasmic sauce.

Szilvés és meggyes rétes at Magdi néni (1srv=50g=1slice) (Hungary)

Yields 1800g rods (6 rods). When cut up, 6 slices per rod, 1 slice is about 50g.
For tracking purposes.

Zöldbab leves at Magdi néni (Grean bean soup, 1 serving=1cup)

Grean bean soup without sour cream, and/or flour.
Mainly for tracking purposes.

Vadas sauce at Magdi néni (Hungary)

Used for cooked beef meat, with bread dumpling balls.

Easter braid (Fonott kalács, Hungary) (20 slices, 1srv=1sl=25g)

Similar to milk loaf.
High in calories, I entered it for tracking purposes.

Very Good (6 ratings)
Gerbaud cake (Zserbó süti, Hungary) (1serving=5x2cm=35g)

Popular Hungarian cake for Christmas, Easter, and other holidays, among the top 5 holiday dishes. Unfortunately, very high in calories.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Hungarian dishes
Some meals common in Hungary.