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Easiest Banana Pancakes

Just 3 ingredients. Total time, less than 8 minutes

Easy Slow Cooker Italian Chicken

Only 3 ingredients! Creamy! Easy! Delicious!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Low carb (5g vs. 23 g Boboli thin crust), gluten free cauliflower pizza crust, but higher in cal (190 vs. 142) and fat (11 vs/ 3.5 g for Boboli).
Surprisingly excellent!

White chili w alfredo sauce - low cal and fat - easy prep

Light Alfredo sauce and reduced fat sour cream make this delicious recipe lower in cals and fats. A family favorite.
Easy prep, just open cans, add spices and heat.
Directions are given for either slow cooker or stove top prep.

Ham Bone, Cabbage and Rotel Soup

Easy, nutritious, low cal/fat/carb soup.
And it's delicious. Add more cabbage if you prefer.
Can also be made in slow cooker

Pringles cookies - low cal/fat/carb

Absolutely delicious, yet low cal, low fat and low carb.

Ask people to identify the mystery ingredient. No one can.

Use low fat or reduced fat Pringles when possible, then recalculate nutrition.

Buffalo Chicken Casserole - healthier

A quick main dish. Only 386 cals, 16 g fat and 24 g carb, per serving. Hi in potassium, but also sodium.
Can also use chicken breasts cut into chunks, heat until cooked through.

Low cal, low fat Salmon Patties

EASY, fast, mix and cook recipe.
Chili sauce adds zip or patties can be eaten with other low-cal sauces, e.g. Dijon mustard or buffalo wing sauce or hot sauce.
Healthy: High in potassium and Vit B-12, as well as others.

Penny's Easy Healthy Cheesecake

Lo cal, lo fat, lo sugar, yet super delicious!
Makes 4 very generous servings, with only 128 cals/svg.
Only 4 ingredients. Easy to make.
Graham cracker crust omitted to save on cals.
Many flavor variations possible.
Vary the color/flavor for the holiday or season.

Very Good (1 rating)
Spaghetti sauce w ground turkey and Prego

This is a fast and delicious recipe.
Just brown the turkey, then add Prego and onions and simmer while the spaghetti noodles cook.
We loved the lower, healthier cals, compared to hamburger-based spaghetti sauce.

Ham Potato Kale Soup - low cal and low fat

Absolutely delicious.

I never used to like kale until I used it in soup.

Low calorie (231 cals/1 c. svg), low fat (5.4 g) and off the charts in Vit A (178% MDR).

BUT it is high in sodium (1253 mg), so do not use in restricted sodium diets. One way you can decrease this is to add several cups of water (and 1/2 c. milk to keep creaminess) and adjust seasonings. (Recalculate nutrition.)

Easy Italian Turkey Potato soup

Using creamy potato soup mix, the total time is cut to about 30 minutes. The soup is delicious. I never liked kale until this recipe.

Excellent source of Vitamin A.

This is similar to the Olive Garden's Tuscana Zuppa.

Fast Brooks Chili

After the hamburger is browned and seasoned*, just dump two cans and heat. Prep time is 2 minutes and cook time is 10 minutes this way.

Only 5 ingredients.

Can also be done in a slow cooker. See Notes.

*See cooking instructions for tip on cutting down the prep time of the hamburger.

Lobster Dip - Low cal, low fat, low sugar, low salt (opt)

This quick and tasty basic dip can easily be modified, according to your taste and ingredients on hand.

Serve with veggies or rice crackers.

For a light lunch, serve over toast points, rice, steamed veggies or noodles.

At first, I had this as a 12 serving recipe, but it is so good, that I changed it to 6 servings, as most people will eat more, especially when they realize how few calories are in it.

Seafood Newburg

Lower fat version using canned soup instead of roux.
Unfortunately, this is not a low-sodium recipe.

Ham and Beans for a crowd - Slow cooker

Cook overnight in slow cooker. Makes a large batch. This is an easy, delicious ham and bean main dish or soup. Just add cornbread for a meal.

Pastrami pepper soup - lo cal

A thick, hearty, healthy soup with pastrami, broccoli, celery, onion, herbs and pepper. Can add more pepper to taste.
Makes 10 servings of 69 cals each.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Pumpkin Pie - low carb - self crust

Based on "Self-Crust Pumpkin Pie" (a great recipe), but used Splenda and Splenda Brown Sugar in place of the regular white and brown sugars. This recipe drops the calories to from 133 to 104 and the carbs from 28 to 21.

And it is delicious.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Unstuffed peppers - low carb - Crockpot

Only 99 cals/1 cup serving!

Healthy, low carb, low cal. low fat recipe.

Prepare this fast, easy, delicious recipe in the crockpot.
Directions for stovetop or oven casserole are also given, as well as info on low sodium alterations and a delayed crockpot start.

It's even faster (10 mintes to prep) and easier (just dump all ingredients into crockpot) if you brown quantities of hamburger in advance (4 pounds fits nicely in my large skillet), then degrease and season it with beef soup base and dried onions. Freeze it in 1 to 1.5 # ready-to-use Zip Loc freezer bags; be sure to note the weight on each bag, for calculating nutrition.

Cabbage rolls - unrolled

This is an easy, fast version of cabbage rolls using prepared foods from the grocery store: shredded packaged cabbage, frozen diced green peppers, bacon bilts, etc. -- all fast to mix together.
It is especially easy if you have prepared a quantity of ground beef (seasoned with dried onion, garlic and beef soup base) in advance and frozen in 1# packages. I also mince all my left-over celery tops and freeze for use in recipes like this. With just a little planning, this is a fast and easy just-assemble meal.

Strawberry pie - low cal - Wicks glaze

Strawberry glaze, sugar free and Cool Whip Lite make this recipe low cal but still delicious.

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