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Rock'n Roasted Potatoes and Onions

Potatoes are my favorite food. So I encorporate them into my diet in new and healthy ways.

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Catfish Cakes

I love seafood and the benefits it provides. This is something new I discovered, that has amazing flavor without too many calories.

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5 Minute-Cheaters Strawberry Cheesecake

I love cheesecake, but between a baby, school and life obligations baking isn't always my first option. I know when I have a craving sometimes I don't always feel like waiting either. This is NOT a real cheesecake but has the taste of one,is low in calories and is ready in 5 minutes!

Kick'n White Chick-P Chicken Soup

Here's a great soup thats got a little kick with each ending bite. It has a lot of flavor and is healty as well. Its great with a salad or sandwich.

8-Minute Personal Cheesy/Garlic Pizzas

Pizza can deminish your calories for the day, but not this version of my cheesy, quick and easy pizza. You get to enjoy 2 personal pizzas for 250 calories! This only has cheese but if you have the extra calorie allowance feel free to add some more tippings!

E-Muffin 2 Go Breakfast Sandwhich

Instead of taking extra time and extra money to stop and get an unhealthy breakfast sandwich, try taking less than 15 minutes to treat your self to an all around better one.

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Cook'n With A Twist
Ok, I love food. I love all different types. I love to cook and be creative. This will be my cookbook with healthy alternatives to those not so great fattening foods. It will have recipes for meals all under 400 calories without having to sacrifice flavor.