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Very Good (1 rating)
Roasted Carrot Linguini by Tamera

Sometimes we need a big plate of pasta with all the taste within calorie constrictions! And this is it for me! Growing up Italian, pasta is my true comfort food!

Dark Chocolate Syrup by Tamera

A lower sugar content and higher chocolate content makes this syrup nice and chocolaty for Latte's, ice cream, Fresh Fruit, mix in with whipping cream and however you use chocolate syrup. I use this in my coffee for a sweeter as opposed to using sugar. Gives it an amazing flavor! The key is to use a high quality cocoa powder, organic is the very best!

Pumpkin Seed Crackers by Tamera

A tasty healthy cracker great on a cheese, meet, veggie, fruit tray. For me great for snacking!

Fajita Chicken Corn and Potato Casserole by Tamera

When you are hungry and need some food to stick to the ribs, this casserole is very satisfying without blowing your diet! Full of veggies and seasoning, a serving lasts and lasts! If you have room throw a dollop of sour cream on top. Mighty good.

Blueberry Lemon Mint Concentrate By Tamera

Just 1 ounce of this delicious concentrate to 2 cups of water can transform it with a big boost of Flavor! This can also be used for mixed drinks, vodka, rum or Wine Sparkler. Recipes for mixed drinks to follow in other comments. I found this concentrate loved it and developed the recipe for me to use at home! I think raspberries will be the next one I will try to make but will need to strain out the seeds!

White No Soy Stir Fry Sauce By Tamera

I prefer not to use soy and most chinese based sauces because the sodium level is so high. So I use my own versions and love this one. So creamy and as a bonus, vegan! This sauce would be used in your favorite stirfry either with or without meat. Choose your vegetables and par boil them to get ready for the sauce at the end in the wok or fry pan. This sauce would be amazing over pasta as well.

Crab Delight with Carrot Noodles by Tamera

All I can say is yummy! This dish is fast, easy, tasty and satisfies that need for pasta without the pasta!

Beef Tenderloin Snow Pea Red Pepper Stirfry by Tamera

I am always looking for ways to have stir-fry, without the added salt of traditional stir fry. And this one hits the mark! I love this sauce. It has a satisfying bounty of flavor and works well if you want to add rice as a side to this dish. The balsamic red peppers, made separately in this dish, has that salty flavor you come to expect in Stir Fry and makes all the difference. So not a step I would skip.

Iced Latte' Da - Non Dairy by Tamera

Owning a high powered blender (I like the Nurtibullet brand) is key to the blending of this drink. I love Iced Latte's in the summer, although cannot justify all those worthless calories in commercial drinks.

Puff Waffles for One - High Protein by Tamera

I wanted to develop a waffle recipe that had a good amount of protein, is filling and tastes good. Serve this with fresh fruit and a dollop of Rediwhip and you have an amazing meal albeit, more of a Bruch as it's not really lo cal for one!

BBQ Chicken Quick! By Tamera

If you are craving BBQ chicken but have little time, this is a quick way to get you fix without using prepared BBQ sauce or firing up the grill!

Sunshine Carrot Apple Muffins

These are a treat and a healthy one at that although full disclosure, it's hard to stop at just one! They are so delicious. I love having these with tea or a salad at lunch and great for breakfast on the go!

Summer Lemon Blueberry Raspberry Cake by Tamera

Easy recipe, delicious, fresh and a lot lower calorie intake than traditional cake! You won't be disappointed with this summer favorite!

Vegenaise Base Fruit Salad Dressing

I love this dressing on a salad with Chicken and Fruit. It's creamy and satisfying. This is also the perfect Cole slaw dressing.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

A great crunchy snack for special occasions albeit very satisfying!

OMG Granola Fruit and Nut Bars by Tamera

Finally a great granola bar. Hearty, tasty, satisfying, clean and healthy. I set up the recipe for 24 bars but if you are looking for a great breakfast bar to take along, eat two of them for 250 calories. I am surprised the calories are so reasonable with all the wonderful ingredients. So if you want to change up the nuts and fruits, have at it!

Clean Grain & Veggie Burgers by Tamera

Eating vegetarian one day a week is a good plan and these hearty burgers will be your whole families new favorite! These are delicious and satisfying plus they grill and freeze very well! Add these to your next grill out for guests and they will be amazed! So easy to make!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Undressed Potatoes By Tamera

If you need to throw something in the oven to go with supper then this is an easy fix and one you can personalize any way you desire. Add some veggies or different spices that you like and change them up. This recipe is basic, easy and should appeal to everyone in the family from young and up! Try BBQ dry rub, lemon pepper, Fajita season etc... for variety or one that goes with your main dish.

Tropical Chicken Salad by Tamera

Sometimes you just need a BIG salad to curb those hunger pains! This fresh fruit and vegetable salad is just the ticket! Minimal calories and maximum taste and flexibility. Taylor it to your liking using vegetables and fruits of your choice and or what you have on hand.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Mango Salsa By Tamera

A sweet and spicy compliment to fish or chicken. This is easy and quick to make and tastes best if it can marinate together for an hour or so before serving. Store in air tight jar. If you prefer you can use pineapple instead of mango or combine the two!

Very Good (1 rating)
Donut Muffins with Fresh Nutmeg

You can have your donut and eat it too with this recipe! Fresh Nutmeg is the key to a GREAT donut. I use half and half for richness and balance out the fat content with flax milk. These are good frosted after you hit your goal or dusted with cinnamon and sugar. This is a wonderful sweet treat without killing the diet. Store in Freezer!

Very Good (1 rating)
Onion and Garlic Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes By Tamera

Wow what a tasty meal! You will not be disappointed in how easy it is too! So satisfying with a cup of steamed or blanched vegetables. My favorite is the sweetness of pea pods as it balances out the tangy sauce.

Cheese It Homemade Crackers

Never buy store-bought again! These are so easy to make and full of flavor. You won't crave a whole box. Just a few will satisfy you!

Ten Minute Italian Spaghetti

Oh yes it does taste amazing. You can have a delicious nutritious meal in 10 easy minutes. The key is having the ingredients on hand. Add steamed or blanched vegetables to add additional nutrition!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chocolate Sauce/Syrup Homemade By Tamera

I use all organic ingredients for the rich, lovely, velvety chocolate sauce. Free from all preservatives and chemicals and costs pennies and only a few minutes to make at home!

Veggie Gluten Free Pizza, Crunch Crust by Tamera

This crispy crust pizza is delicious, easy and satisfying!

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt By Tamera 133 Calories!

Summer Time Fresh Strawberry Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Gingerbread Cookies No Frosting

I lke to make these with a little extra baking soda and powder and bake until light and fluffy about 10-11 minutes. Store in airtight containers and enjoy with cup of coffee to tea or a wonderful sweet and spicy hot snack!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Baked Beans by Tamera

These are great as a side dish or main course! I love them as in between meal snacks as they are satisfying and filling. Everyone raves about this dish when I serve it!

Cashew Cream (replaces half and half) By Tamera

This is for coffee creamer or to use as cream substitute in cream soups. This is also good for tea or coffee latte's. I use 1/4 cup cream in 2 cups of coffee.

Banana Walnut Muffins Weight Watchers Recipe Modified Tamera

Put walnuts on top of muffins for a nice crunch! Do not over bake! These are a very satisfying between meal snack or with a salad or a great breakfast.

Capallini with Chicken and Butternut Squash Noodles By Tamera

Whole 30 Recipe! Do not over cook noodles. Used Green Giant frozen noodles. Can use zucchini noodles instead.

LaMar Baked Fish (WALLEYE PIKE)

Incredibly decadent and easy way to make a satisfying healthy high protein main dish. The silky topping is full of flavor and a perfect complement to fish.

Corn Muffins Katie's Favorite!

Katie loves these muffins. The trick is to not over bake them!!!

Chocolate Fondue for Fruit By Tamera

This is a lovely decadent dessert for two! Sooo easy. Sooo good. Chocolate fix!

Lemon/Lime Muffins

I love using the egg replacer in this recipe. The muffins turn out nice a fluffy.

Apple Crisp For the dieter

I love apple crisp in the fall when the apples are fresh and juicy. This is one way I can get the dessert without all the sugar and fat. And I still enjoy it so much!

Tamera's Sunshine Fresh Apple Muffins

You can use 3 cups in any combination of carrots and apples. Sometimes I use 3 cups of apples but they do get very soft. I have also used whole wheat flour which makes a dryer muffin. Not as desirable. Store in refrigerator as they are very moist. I freeze them until ready to eat.

Chocolate Souffles

Hard to find a delicious lower carb dessert and this one is certianly a little higher in carbs with 11 per serving but once in a while it's worth it! Low in sugar!
Taken from the Ghiradelli Chocolate Cookbook.

Gimme Quiche Eggs, low carb

Soft, luscious, tasty, low carb, low cal, high protein, power breakfast or lunch. This is a nice change to plain eggs. I often use 3 egg whites or egg substitute instead of the one whole egg.

Tamera's Minestrone Soup

This is a favorite of our family and friends and have shared the recipe often! . Quick, low cal, low carb, low fat and seriously flavorful. No pasta and no beans. If you like it less thick, add only half a large can of sauce.

Cabbage Quiche Casserole by Tamera

Okay this is for hard core dieters! When you want Quiche but need to keep the calories ultra low, this one might work for you. Although not my favoite recipe it does fill the bill when getting over that plateau! carbs out of the picture?

Bread Dough Frozen for Individual Servings By Tamera

2 ounces each equals 122 calories each. I freeze in two ounce servings to use for individual fruit braids or rolls and pizza dough for one!

Beef and Broccoli with Ginger Sauce by Tamera

This is a fresh, tasty low sodium answer to stir-fry! I love stir-fry but don't like the heavy sodium content of soy sauce and other typical stir-fry sauce ingredients. I hope you love this option! Add other vegetables for variety. I love Beef and Sugar Snap Peas too!

BBQ Chicken with Creamy Coleslaw by Tamera

A southern charm, BBQ chicken and coleslaw. With a healthy dose of cabbage this recipe is best if the coleslaw has some time to sit in the refrigerator for a hour or longer before serving. Easy Peasy!

Grilled Shrimp Salad 150 Calories! by Tamera

This is actually a nice side dish to a main meal when you are craving something a little different than your typical side salad. With only 150 calories, this is a nice light summer alternative!

Diet Creamy Cucumbers

Rather than using sour cream in this recipe I substituted non fat yogurt. Let sit in refrigerator at least an hour. Over night produces even better taste.

Diet Apple Braid low sugar /fat

This is my answer for dessert on Fat loss diet. It combines on serving of my recipe for bread and one serving of fruit. Add any fruit. Apple or Strawberries.

Single-Serving Fresh Bread

I modified the Grissini Recipe so I can use the dough for other things like a fresh baked roll, apple braid or a fresh bread stick. I used less olive oil than the original Grissini Bread stick recipe calls for.

Meatball Soup Italian Style by Tamera

If a light Italian meal is what you are craving then a quick meatball soup is the answer. I love this fresh recipe and make the meatballs really small and bit size. My Italian grandma would be proud to enjoy a new way to eat meatballs!

Guittard or Ghirardelli Chip Gulten Free Cookies

No need to give up anything on gluten-free diet! I love these cookies with the big chocolate chips that Guittard or Ghirardelli offers. They are big on taste and gluten free! I also use mostly organic ingredients when ever possible. These are almost too good!
I recommend freezing the dough and making them fresh each time. Oohh that smell!

Brownies, Gluten-Free

I use organic ingredients from butter to organic gluten free flour. This is wonderfully chocolaty brownie.

Pizza, Gluten-Free on Crispy Tortilla

Crispy tasty pizza for the gluten free diet.

Waffles, Tamera's Best Ever Belgian Waffles!

These are fluffy and tasty. IF YOU WANT TO HALF THIS RECIPE TO 2 - 3 WAFFELS: I found if you half this recipe and substitute the milk with 1/8 cup cream and 1/8 cup cashew milk (water or other milk substitute works too like almond milk etc...) it makes the best ever even better. If you do this cut the flour back to about a half cup.

Minestrone Soup by Tamera, Mom's Best!

This is amazing, easy to make, loads of flavor in a short time! And it's so filling and satisfying as well. Fall, Winter Spring or Summer, it's always great!

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