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Recipes I've Shared:

Vegan chocolate blanc-mange pudding

Uses unsweetened almond milk and cocoa powder. The cornstarch (8g) is one level tablespoon. Total almond milk is 3/4 cup (the way Spark adds this ingredient to the recipe can be confusing).

Snow Peas and Daylily Blossoms Stir Fry

Your garden-variety orange daylily flowers are edible! They can be eaten as buds, as fully opened flowers or as *freshly* spent blossoms. This recipe uses the freshly spent ones, harvested in the morning, and my garden had 22 of them ready, so that is what I put in. Quantity varies according to your own garden. CAUTION: If you've never had daylily blossoms, try one or two first before trying large portions, because they can give some people an upset tummy. Spent blossoms should still be orange and not yet dried up and brown (those are too old).
This dish can serve 1 generously, or you can add 2 portions of tofu and serve it as a vegetarian lunch for two. For meat eaters, add chicken. Nut allergy people: I used coconut oil, but use the oil of your choice (same calories).

Very Good (1 rating)
Tomato sauce with veggie 'beef'

Recipe uses 1 can crushed tomatoes (796mL) and 1 pkg Yves Veggie Ground Round, original flavour (340g pack). I season with 1Tbsp dried oregano, 1 tsp dried thyme and a few leaves of rosemary. No extra salt needed. Add herbs to your taste.

Low fat, low cholesterol baked egg custard

1 Tbsp vanilla
grated nutmeg for on top
small amount of Becel to grease pan

Fish (haddock) soup

Season with thyme, salt and black pepper. Use home-made vegetable broth or water (about 5 cups)

Christmas Cocoa

A seasonal twist on cocoa, low fat and low sugar version

Roasted Fall Veggies and Tofu

You can swap out veggies for your favourites. I've made this with eggplant, yellow and green summer squash (zucchini), different coloured Bell peppers, etc. I've opted out of root veggies like potatoes to keep the carbs down, but if that's not an issue for you, go for it!

German Apple Pancake (no added sugar, egg whites only)

Made like a popover/Yorkshire pudding and then filled with sautéed sliced apples seasoned with cinnamon and stevia for extra sweetness if desired.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Pescatarian Paella

Most paella calls for chorizo or Italian sausage. This recipe uses a 'Tofurky' brand sausage. I used Kielbasa but their Italian would have been more appropriate. Nutritional info is about the same so go ahead and substitute at will!

Flour-Sesame tortillas

Tasty alternative to store-bought tortillas

Just Egg Whites Lemon Meringue Pie

This recipe uses a little corn starch instead of egg yolks, and a lot less sugar than if using sweetened consensed milk like most recipes call for.

Single-serving Soy-Wheat Pancakes

Hearty pancakes with no added fat in batter. More protein and less carbs than regular pancakes due to the soy flour. Top with applesauce and plain low-fat yogourt instead of syrup to reduce carbs and add more protein.

Zucchini muffins with soy flour

Small batch of muffins made with no added fat. Uses a blend of all-purpose and soy flour.
Double recipe to make a full dozen.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Small Loaf - Rye Bread

Some notes on ingredients:
Date molasses (Middle Eastern stores) is made from dates instead of sugar cane, but reg. molasses works fine.
Gluten (bulk/natural stores) makes bread dough elastic, not crumbly. Works ok without it, but the texture not as soft & chewy.
Caraway seed is a spice & looks like grass seed :-)

Vegetarian Tourtière

Vegan version of the traditional Québec-style meat pie. A hearty winter dish and lighter than the traditional. Even non-vegetarians enjoy this version..

Mel's Granola

This makes about 3 1/2 dry measure cups. A serving is 1/4 cup. Subsitute date molasses for honey if you are a strict vegan. Recipe can be doubled.

Yogurt Chocolate Pie Experiment

The yogurt is drained in a cheesecloth for about an hour to make it thicker.
Graham crumbs and butter are for crust and calories are included. The amount listed for one pie crust on the graham crumb package has been reduced to cut calories. Butter reduced also. You can use another crust if desired. I actually had too much crust and made a separate 4-inch extra pie. That is why this is 10 servings. Makes kind of a mousse.

Fish Pâté

Fish spread with light cream ceese that can be used on celery as a party food or in a sandwich or on a bagel.

Orange-Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Makes 2 dozen chewy cookies at about 45 calories each. Fruit replaces shortening. Applesauce or puréed banana can be used (recipe nutrition info is for applesauce).

Chocolate-Walnut-Caramel Candy Treats

Kind of like a Turtle...

Scrape off the big salt crystals from the pretzels to improve flavour and reduce the sodium

Poppyseed Muffins

A small batch of muffins made with 50-50 soy and white flour. Can be made with just white flour. Soy flour doesn't absorb as much liquid, so use more water if you make these with just white all-purpose flour. Also, soy flour seems to need more leavening; decrease baking powder to 1 1/2 tsp for just white flour.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, no added fat

Adaptation of recipe found on website
ee_Cookies. Theirs had way too many raisins. I added nuts and reduced sugar also, plus used a bit of soy flour (optional).

Chick Pea Curry

A filling meal! Makes 3 servings so it can be dinner-for-two and then leftovers for someone's lunch. Or, if you're feeling quite hungry, you can both have a small 'seconds' but if you do so, put 1.5 servings each in your nutrition tracker.

Creamy Cheddar sauce (Béchamel with 1% milk)

Still not a 'diet' food, this is just a less fatty version, about half the fat compared to using cream. Used over steamed veggies, this serves 3. If you're having large portions of veggies, or like a lot of sauce, this might serve 2.

Lentil-Tomato Stew

Makes about 4 cups (4 servings)

Pancakes with soy flour and bananas- high protein

This is a hearty pancake but not too heavy. The use of soy flour increases the protein and reduces the carbs compared top using just white flour.

Zucchini coffee cake

The 'wet' ingredients including the cubed zucchini go into a blender and get puréed to a milkshake consistency.

Tomato-Zucchini Casserole

This recipe uses the zucchini sliced lengthwise to take the place of lasagne noodles. The white sauce (béchamel) is optional. All the dairy ingredients can be substituted with soy versions to make this vegan.