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**Added Spicy Mayo from Japanese Resturant**
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Chicken Soup (matzo ball soup with chicken)

This is the best matzo ball soup and a very filling meal. The soup the matzo balls and roasted chicken is a great way to warm up on a chilly day:) For all of you who are a little weary about matzo soup trust me it's amazing!! I made it for my boyfriend who did not look pleased to say the least..he tried it and said oh my this is INCREDIBLE!!
about 2 ladles full of broth and 3 matzo balls will be 1 serving...with a piece of two of chicken..i calculated serving for matzo meal by entering the 1/4 cup serving on the box and then adding 4 servings to the recipe (1 cup)
Please read all ingredients and try to make matzo balls while your soup is cooking so everything can be ready together. If you fall a lil behind no problem just be sure to cook the chicken for only 10 minutes. The soup and matzo balls can sit on the stove it wont ruin them.