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Andrea's spanish chicken and rice

Packed with protein and fiber, yet low in calories, this is one of my families favorite favorite dinners. This has a really high sodium count. I have never tried to make it low sodium. It is delicious just as it is. I personally like it with more recaito, (I use about a cup of it for this recipe) which can be found with the goya foods. The sazon has MSG in it, so be careful if you have issues with that.

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Andrea's greek yogurt sauce.. tzatziki

Delicious sauce for anything from chicken to salmon to rice or just as a dip for brad or veggies-
It disappears faster than you can serve it.
Use 1 large seedless cucumber with the peel if you can or 1 1/2 regular cucumbers peeled if you don't have seedless. Salt and pepper are always to taste, and the olive oil is optional but gives the sauce a bit of richness that is pretty good.
This sauce doesn't usually call for onion, but, I like it.

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Andrea's greek chicken souvlaki

Super easy, and fun. Not to mention delicious. Recipe is easily altered to serve as many people as you like. Same recipe is awesome for boneless pork too.
You can put white wine in the marinade too, which is really good- about a half cup.
You can sub dry oregano for the fresh just use less, about a tablespoon

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Andrea's greek eggplant dip, Melitzanosalata

I love this greek inspired dip. Serve it with grilled pita bread, even my picky kid loves this!!
Play around with the seasonings, to your taste- the cumin is optional, and gives this a smokey flavor. You can substitute parsely for the oregano if you like. If you like lemon grate a small amount of zest in too.

Andrea's Almost Wonton Soup

Really good!!
I wanted to make a low cal version of wonton soup. There are no "wontons" but, it tastes like them.

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