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Griz sa umakom od jagoda

Fino, posno, bez šećera, lako za pripremu i ne goji....osvežavajući lagani kolačić. Veoma brzo i lako se priprema. Jagodice, male saltke i omiljene :)

Delicious serbian apple pie (Pita savijača sa jabukama)

Serbian word for pie is "pita", which should not be confused with Greek pita. Greek pita is a kind of bread and is not called pita in Serbian (a similar pastry is called lepinja), while in Serbian language, "pita" refers to a pie in general, either one eaten in Serbia or a foreign one (such as apple pie).

A Serbian pie could, in general, be called in two ways: according to its mode of preparation, and according to its filling (although not every pie is prepared with every filling). For example, a "bundevara" is a pie filled with pumpkin and could refer to either a savijača (made of rolled phyllo) or a štrudla (made of rolled dough). Both sweet and salty pies are made, and some pies could be prepared in the same way with either sweet or salty filling.

Oatmeal with dried fruit chips

No eggs, no flour, no sugar, no butter - and that was it cake? - ask my mother

Playful, colorful salad

Joyful salad in three colors will mitigate the "weight" of other dishes that go overboard in love during the holidays! Enticing combination of bright colors will make it taste even those who have a salad "necessary evil" with "concrete" meal.