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not meat sauce

not meat sauce

Curried okra

WLS recipe that I came up with as a low-cal filler.

Vanilla or Chocolate proteincinno

Iced coffee protein drink. Great for WLS! You can switch it to chocolate flavor by adding chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla.

WLS gazpacho

This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, Feed Your Soul. I have modified it to provide enough protein per serving to substitute for a protein shake for someone on a liquid diet.

WLS vegetarian mushroom soup

This is a recipe I made up to go with my pre-op liquid diet. It is 3 servings so you can have one when you make it and save two for later. The Unjury adds a lot of protein and it can replace a protein shake. I am vegetarian but if you aren't you can use regular beef bouillon.

WLS curry carrot soup

I made this recipe to go with my pre-op liquid diet. It is a great alternative to a protein shake! You can make it in advance and add the Unjury later when you heat it up.

Sweet potato burritos

Delicious lunch or dinner option. Make ahead and freeze for a quick meal.

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