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Braised Pork and Rice

As usual, I'm just tracking what I eat

5 Spice Tenderloin and Buttered Potatoes

As usual, I'm just tracking what I eat

Faux Meatloaf and Smashed potatoes

This is just to keep track of me and my hubby eat

Creamy Curry Fish w/ Rice And Veg medley

Like all my recipes, this is rough and is really just to get the nutritional data on ingredients.

Thai Peanut Chicken and Pasta

quick meal. recipe is more guide that exact cooking method. Like all of my recipes, they're really on hear to get an approximate nutritional accounting.

Vegetable Medley -

Use whatever seems fresh at the market

Turkey and Black Beans Chili over Rice

As usual, this is my base recipe that I use to calculate nutritional info. I make adjustments as I go along. The amounts of liquid and spice may change depending on the potency of spices and/or the water content of vegetables and meet.

Garlic Herb Mash Potatoes

Salt and play with the ingredients to your taste.

Shrimp Tikka Masala Curry and Rice

I love Patak's sauces. They make my life so much easier.

Rice Pilaf with Shrimp in Tamarind Garlic Sauce

This recipe is so I can count our dinner for today's nutrition count

Artichoke, Leek, Potato Gratin

Haven't tried this yet but I intend to:-) Recipe id from Epicurios and modified by me to reduce fat.

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Socioteach Cookbook
My hubby & I are eating healthier - increasing veggie & fiber, reducing fat, planning weekly meals & portion control. So, recipes are for large amounts. It's meant to be meals for 2 for 7 days. Also I'm loosey-goosey w/ seasoning portions as I cook to taste. All other measurements are exact.