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Recipes I've Shared:

Granola by Aebee

Very basic recipe of granola

Cold Soba Noddle Dipping Sauce (Soba-tsuyu)

Zaru soba is typical Japanese lunch in summer. I added sauce (sobatsuyu) recipe for cold noodle. You can buy sobatsuyu in a bottle and they all taste good, but you can enjoy rich aroma and nutrition of dried bonito by making it on your own.

Tofu Quiche

Since this recipe replaces cheese with tofu, you can afford to put butter and heavy cream and still end up having guilty-light calorie. I consider this as a French-Japanese dish not only from tofu but from shimeji mushroom (low calorie and rich in fiber.)
I made my own pie crust with millet flour, which is more pro-biotic than wheat flour. Instead, you can use a frozen pie crust (I like spelt pie crust).

Konbu in soy sauce (tsukuda-ni)

This is a good way to use up konbu after being used for broth.

Daikon leaves and age (fried tofu)

Daikon leaves have a lot more vitamin C than daikon itself.
You can also mix cut daikon leaves with salt and leave it for about half day to make delicious pickles.
These go well with brown rice.

Daikon skin kimpira

This will make additional healthy dish when you can get an organic daikon radish. Daikon skin is richer in vitamin C and A than daikon body. Daikon has nothing to throw away including its leaves.

Spinach in soy sauce and broth (ohitashi)

Ohitashi (hitasu is a Japanese verb which means to soak) is another typical Japanese food which is less known and lighter than Goma-ae.
It is extremely easy to cook and often gets admiration at a party with a bit of work to wrap it with nori (seaweed.)

Sunomono Sauce (Japanese vinegar+sugar sauce)

Cucumber & seaweed sunomono is a regular item in a menu at a Japanese resturant along with tenpura and teriyaki. You can create your own sunomono by keeping this sauce in a refrigerator. This sauce lasts about two weeks in a refrigerator. Makes about 1.5cups.

The photo shows sunomono of broiled red pepper.

Kelp Roll with Sliced Pork and Gobo (Konbu-maki)

Konbu (kelp), along with kanpyo (dried gourd strips), is a dream food of near-to-zero calorie despite of its rich nutrition like calcium, kalium, magnecium, iron and vitamin A. In this recipe, thinly sliced pork and gobo (burdock root) are wrapped in Konbu giving healthy protein and additional fiber.

Oden (Japanese fish cake pot)

This is one of typical winter food in Japan you may want to try at a cold night.
This is also a savory way to take important calcium which is hard to get solely from food.
My recipe here is an advanced and tastier version with more ingredients and steps, but you can just use a Kibun oden package, toss the content with coming sauce in boiling water and cook about 10 minutes. Voila! Oden is ready to be on your table.

You can find the nearest Japanese grocer or online grocer from

Mayogurt Sauce

This mayonnaise plus low fat yogurt is simple and delicious way to "enlighten" regular mayonnaise than light or fake mayonnaise.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Hijiki with carrots, gobo (burdock root) and geen beans (Japanese dish)

This healthy food carries both Japanese tradition and lots of iron. Using beet sugar (which is good for digestion) makes it subtly milder than other kinds of sugar.

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Aebee's Cookbook
Healthy and cozy Japanese meal by Aebee who had grown up in Tokyo. You can find the nearest Japanese grocer or online grocer from