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Marvelous Mocktails

By Stepfanie Romine, Staff Writer

Whether you're the designated driver or just choose not to imbibe, non-alcoholic beverages can be downright dull. We're committed to changing that, one mocktail and flavored water at a time. No matter the occasion, we have the perfect sip!

Spa Water

With lemons and cucumbers, this is a refreshing twist on water for people who hate water. Make brunches and BBQs better with this no-cal drink.

Spa Water Recipe

4-Ingredient Fruit Cooler

This frozen drink has only five calories per serving. Swap out the watermelon, berries and gelatin for a totally new recipe.

Non-Alcoholic Berry Cooler Recipe

Low-Cal Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make this! This light lemonade (made with Splenda) is perfect for any occasion. You could even swap the lemons for limes, if you prefer.

Low-Cal Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling Limeade

This refreshing and not-too-sweet beverage is almost too pretty to drink-- almost! It's perfect for a birthday party, family dinner or even an afternoon playdate.

Sparkling Limeade Recipe

Herbal Iced Tea

This caffeine-free iced tea has less sugar than the store-bought brands. The minty flavor is especially refreshing!

Easy Herbal Iced Tea Recipe

Pomegranate Ginger Spritzer

A tasty way to get your antioxidants, this no-fuss mocktail is sure to impress. This drink can be made with a sugar-free ginger ale for those watching their calorie or carb intake.

Pomegranate Spritzer Recipe

Peachy Thyme Lemonade

Choose summer's ripest peaches for this refreshing lemonade. It's ready in no time--you can keep the skins on the peaches, which speeds up prep work. (It's just as delicious in winter, with frozen peaches!)

Peachy Thyme Lemonade Recipe

Orange Iced Tea

This tea is ready in no time, and it turns any afternoon into a special occasion. We like it with a bit of lavender for more herbal flavor.

Orange Iced Tea Recipe

Cucumber-Mint Water

This little addition to your water can make it much easier to get your eight cups in a day. From book club gatherings to church potlucks, this easy and affordable drink is always a hit.

Cucumber-Mint Water Recipe