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10 Recipes for Egg Nog Lovers

Written by Melinda Hershey, Staff Writer

Why only reserve egg nog for sipping? Its nutty sweetness lends itself well as an addition to so many seasonal foods! Here are ten great ways to nosh on nog this holiday.

Egg Nog Breakfast Bread

Forget pumpkin-flavored treats; this spiced egg nog bread will take your holiday baking to the next level! Great with some hot apple cider.

Easy Egg Nog Pie

Move over, pecan and pumpkin pie! This creamy egg nog pie recipe blows all the other slices out of the water.

Perfect Egg Nog Pancakes

Take your pancakes up a notch with the addition of decadent egg nog! Served with bacon or sausage, this makes a perfect special breakfast for Christmas morning.

Shake Up Your Nog

Egg nog just got cooler with this easy egg nog shake! Rich, satisfying, and a nice change of pace for dessert—or even breakfast!

Egg Nog French Toast

The addition of nutmeg really takes this French toast recipe to a new level! Serve with fresh fruit and hot coffee for a simple Christmas morning breakfast.

Cranberry-Studded Egg Nog Muffins

Yup, you can now sneak egg nog into muffins! The tartness of dried cranberries mixed with the subtle sweetness of nog is a match made in heaven.

Creamy Egg Nog Pudding

Just a bit of spice, and you’ve transformed plain old vanilla pudding into something fun and festive! Serve with chocolate shavings on top for extra decadence.

White Chocolate Egg Nog Cupcakes

These portion-controlled treats are super moist and studded with little morsels of white chocolate! Super easy to make, and sure to impress a crowd!

Egg Nog Spiced Oatmeal

Transform your regular morning oats into something special with this simple egg nog oatmeal recipe.

Traditional Egg Nog

You can’t beat the original! This creamy egg nog is as easy as it is tasty! Whip up a batch to sip in front of the fire. Little ones can have some, too—it’s non-alcoholic! You can also spike with rum for the adults, if desired.