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12 Heart-Healthy Soups and Starters

By Melinda Hershey, Staff Writer

Ditch the sodium-filled soups and appetizers. These tasty and nutritious pre-meal nibbles all have the heart-healthy stamp of approval*. Dig in to give your heart some love!

*Based on the heart-healthy guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Heart Association

Black Bean Hummus

Thick and creamy black bean hummus pairs well with raw veggies, baked tortilla chips or pita bread. It also makes for a delicious fiber-filled burrito filling.

Roasted Corn and Pepper Soup

This veggie-packed, low-fat soup can double as a sauce to use over baked chicken. Serve with whole-grain crackers for crunch.

Deviled Eggs

Eggs often get a bad rap for their cholesterol content, but these lightened-up deviled eggs aren't so devilish, after all! This version gets a heart-healthy makeover using just a few secret ingredients.

Garden Harvest Veggie Soup

Vegetarians and carnivores alike will love this hearty veggie soup. Add shredded cooked chicken for an extra boost of protein.

Baked Zucchini Bites

For your next party, try this baked zucchini appetizer as a healthier stand-in for the usual deep-fried suspects. Serve it with a variety of dipping sauces (we love them with plain old ketchup).

Roasted Vegetable Soup

Roasting the vegetables before pureeing them in this vegan soup brings out a wonderful smoky-sweet flavor. Serve with a green salad for an even bigger veggie boost.

Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

These cheesy stuffed mushrooms are bursting with flavor and cheesy goodness. Feel free to play with different herb and spice combinations to suit your taste.

Vegetable Beef Soup

With such a hearty flavor and texture, it's hard to believe that this veggie beef soup is just over 100 calories and less than 4 grams of fat per serving. Pair with crusty whole-grain bread for a filling meal.

Mini Taco Cups

You can still eat tacos and take care of your heart! These low-sodium snacks are fun to eat and easy to customize. Add salsa, guacamole or chopped red onion for extra flavor and texture.

Roasted Squash Soup

Creamy, golden squash soup will warm you from the inside out! We love topping it with roasted pumpkin seeds for a little extra crunch and a boost of healthy fats.

Skinny Fiesta Dip with Baked Lime Chips

This lightened-up Mexican dip is good enough to eat with a fork, but the tangy lime chips make it even more fun to munch on!

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

This warm and comforting chicken noodle soup recipe has far less sodium than the canned version. We suggest enjoying it with fresh whole-grain bread and a cup of tea.