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15 Simple Ways to Show Mom You Care

By Megan Patrick, Staff Writer
Pretty flowers are great, and everyone loves a delicious Mother's Day brunch, but if you really want to let your mom know just how much you love and appreciate her, it's the thought that counts. These 15 simple, thoughtful ideas don't cost much money but will make a big impact on mom.

Ask about Her

You've spent your whole life relying on your mom to help you solve your problems and she's happy to be a shoulder to cry on. For a change, give her your full attention and really listen to what she has to say. Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to offer her some valuable advice for a change.

Write a Letter

Instead of just picking up a card at the drugstore with someone else's sentiments, take the time to write a heartfelt letter. Let mom know that you appreciate everything she's done for you and include a specific story about how she impacted you growing up.

Share a Hobby

Invite your mom to share one of her favorite pastimes with you. You might not be crazy about gardening, but she'll be thrilled when you offer to help her plant annuals in the front flowerbed.

Say It with Cookies

Make a list of mom's best qualities (e.g., good listener, great cook, comforting) and decorate simple sugar cookies with those words. Fill a big jar with all your sweet sentiments.

Hide a Note

Write little messages to mom on pretty pieces of paper and hide them in unusual places for her to find over time. Stash one in the freezer. Slip one into her coat pocket. Hide another in her favorite book. She'll smile every time she comes across one!

Help Her Relax

If you can't afford to send her to a fancy spa for the day, then round up her favorite beauty products and present them in a pretty basket. Go for a cute candle, some bubble bath and a nice scented lotion.

Cook Together

Ask mom to show you to how to make a favorite family meal then enjoy the results together. You'll be thankful you've learned how to re-create a childhood favorite and you'll also make a special memory for the two of you.

Invite Her Along

No matter how old you are, your mom always wants to feel like an important part of your life. A big part of that is knowing who your friends are. Plan a day out with your pals and bring mom along for the ride. Even a trip the mall or brunch will feel special to her.

Help Her Upgrade

Does mom still use an old flip phone or have slow internet access? Spend an afternoon helping her figure out which gadgets and services would be best for her and help her get everything set up and working properly.

Wash Her Car

Everyone loves a clean car. If you're not in the mood to drag out the hose, borrow mom's keys and hit the car wash. It's an inexpensive way to thank her for driving you to all those soccer practices and sleepovers.

Plan a Family Portrait

Hire a photographer or ask a friend with a nice camera to come by on a Saturday afternoon for a new family photo. Plan a cookout and invite as many family members as you can. Have mom sit in the center surrounded by all the people she loves!

Ask For Advice

Let mom know you still need her by asking her for some advice. Is mom an ace with retirement investments? Ask her to help you take a look at your 401k and make sure your investments are the best they can be.

Make a Sign

Express your appreciation publicly by making a big sign and sneaking it into mom's front yard. It can say something simple like "Thank you, Mom" or "I Love You, Mom."

Help Her Stay Healthy

Invite mom to take an exercise class with you or just go for a walk. If she's been talking about trying yoga or Zumba, offer to go with her to the first class. You might both discover a fun new way to get fit.

Give Her a Hug

Nothing says "I love you" like a big hug. Even if you're not much of a hugger as an adult, your mom remembers when you were happy to run to her for a hug at any moment. Remind her how much those hugs meant to you growing up.