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As a world master chef, you would think that Chef Meg's kitchen would be full of fancy tools. Nope. She prefers to keep it as streamlined as possible. She shares her 6 favorites with

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  • Why would you peel a watermelon? - 7/23/18

  • Love my coffee grinder, too. Don't peel many things, so I just scrape with knife when necessary. Bowl scrapers a must. Not sure how she thinks throwing out cheesecloth is more environmentally friendly than a throwing out a paper towel. Why can't you hand wash the cheesecloth with hot water and soap - 4/30/18

  • I like the ideas you gave, thanks! - 3/31/18

  • I just bought the Micropane. I can't tell you how much I like to use it. It makes such a big difference when you use the proper tools. - 12/5/17

  • Great video! - 9/12/17

  • I am a beginning cook, of sorts, so I appreciated these ideas very much. Very affordable and doable. Thanks! - 7/18/17

  • What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.
    - Helen Keller - 7/18/17

  • Chef Meg doesn't mention a pastry blender but i find mine useful for much more than making pastry. - 4/18/17

  • I use a couple of small pieces of bread to clean out my coffee grinder. - 3/6/17

  • One of the "gadgets" I must have on hand is a couple of decent knives. I am not sure how to pick a couple of basic ones .. .. .. how do you judge the quality of a knife before you purchase it? - 2/11/17

  • In place of a coffee grinder, I use a Bullet. I grind up flax seed and other things in it and it can also be used to make smoothies or whatever. Plus the parts that get into contact with the food can be washed. - 6/4/16

  • The fewer gadgets I have the better. Great tips! I didn't know about cleaning coffee grinder. When I grind herbs or spices I just wipe it out with a dish cloth. I'll try the salt next time. - 3/26/16

  • I love all the videos I have a lot of gagets for the kitchen and I love them all did not really know how to clean the coffee grinder lots of good ideas thanks - 3/6/16

  • love the video on kitchen tools. I love my very old Sunbeam mixer, and my very new apple corer/slicer I got for $1 at the dollar store. No more using a knife to slice apples and pears. - 1/30/16

  • Good suggestions. But you wash the cheesecloth? I would think that is bad for your sink drain. I would have thought it would be disposed of. - 1/23/16

  • Love this video. Thank you for the tip cleaning the coffee grinder. I use a paint brush to get all the spice and coffee out. - 9/4/15

  • These are great tools, I agree. But, one of my favourite tools has to be the food mill. It's indispensable when making ketchup, marinara and tomato sauces from scratch. Love our mortars and pestles, too -- we have two sizes -- and use them in place of the coffee grinder for our own seasoning blends. - 8/23/15

  • Thanks! - 7/10/15

  • I always have cheesecloth but didn't know you could use it to pick up fat - thanks. My other essential tool is my handheld immersion blender. I wouldn't want to be without it! - 7/9/15

  • This has to be one of my very favorite Chef Meg videos -so sincere and happy in this - can tell her delight in cooking. My favorite tool is my stick mixer - (bamix) right in a cup you can mix smoothies, sauces, baking in smaller potions. Wondering if sugar would also work for grinder cleaning. - 5/20/15

  • These are great tools. A must in every kitchen. - 3/26/15

  • A whisk is an absolute must in my kitchen. - 1/26/15

  • Great ideas - 1/9/15

  • My two favorites are my stick blender for pureeing soups, making salad dressings, and mashing potatoes, and my rotary parmesan grater for adding parmesan to pasta, soups, egg dishes, etc. - 1/6/15

  • the idea of using salt to clean grinder is great... also poster's idea to use salt & ice cubes to clean the film that can accumulate in a coffee pot - 1/5/15

  • Great Video! Very informative. My favorite tools are the rolling pin (mine have handles), pairing knife, Whiskers, my ninja blender/food chopper, I also use my coffee grinder, for chopping nuts and things for cookies etc., I like the idea of crushing cloves etc. with it! - 12/11/14

  • I enjoyed the tips :-) My favorite tools are a very good pairing knife, my bamboo steamers, a 4 set of metal bowls and my Braun coffee grinder. My French frying pan made of cast iron and while it is a might heavy,NOTHING sticks to it and I use it to cook at almost every meal for something.. - 10/9/14

  • Great ideas Meg!
    I have a Braun immersion blender that I use quite often; making fat free refried beans, or blending either beans or potatoes to thicken a soup. My blender even has a quick chopping attachment which is great for chopping nuts, herbs, etc.
    Garlic peeler/press is another must have. - 7/23/14

  • My favorites are a mini chopper, sharp knife, fork, silicon spatula, micro planner and a mini collander. - 6/24/14

  • Good ideas! Just wondering which hardware store to by the smaller zester? Is it actually a file? - 5/9/14

  • Great tips... especially the salt, but how is the cheese cloth better for the environment than a paper towel? I have used it for a sachet in cooking and it soaked up the fat and doesn't have chemicals like paper, but I thought it would take up more room in the land-fill. Just wondering. - 4/26/14

  • I love the idea of using the cheesecloth to soak up excess fat! Never thought of washing cheesecloth either. Smart! - 4/18/14

  • love everybody's tips - I'll go shopping! I have a mini food processor - Hamilton Beach- that works great for small amounts, easy cleanup. I like the bread crumb tip Jachson had. I also blush to admit I love my green non stick frying pan. Will try the juicing tip! And the salt. - 3/18/14

  • Except for the cheese cloth, I use most of these. I don't have a coffee grinder. Guess I better go get one. :-)

    Good tips. - 2/8/14

  • For those of you looking for cheesecloth, check the craft section of stores. For some reason, I find it there more often. - 1/29/14

  • Salt tip reminded me of my waitressing days. Throw salt and a couple ice cubes in a coffee pot and swirl around to easily remove stains. I always loved doing that, it's like magic! - 1/10/14

  • Great ideas to simplify the kitchen! I do love my garlic press and use much more garlic because I have it. - 11/16/13

  • Good video--like others, I found the salt cleaner for the coffee grinder interesting--but I also like the idea of using a cheese cloth for bay leaves, etc. in dishes. - 10/30/13

  • on the coffee grinder i use a half inch paint brush new one to dust out grinder after ea use, so my fingers dont come in contact with blades - 10/10/13

  • Great video - 9/18/13

  • Great tips ... Thank you! - 9/17/13

  • great tips, love the rolling pin to flaten chicken - 9/11/13

  • I use uncooked rice to clean my grinder the way Meg uses salt. Gets it super clean! - 7/19/13

  • I use my grinder for various things but now will use it more with your salt cleaning tip, much faster that way. Thanks - 6/19/13

  • You peel a watermelon with a peeler??? How long does that take??
    And why are you peeling?? Most of fiber and micronutrients are in the peel of apples, potatoes, carrots, cucumber. The only time you should peel is with citrus or other thick bitter peels. - 6/17/13

  • Nice tips, thanks for sharing. - 6/8/13

  • My current favorite gadget is a small food processor which I use for lots of recipes. I can grate cheese, carrots, cabbage etc. and the bowl part can make flour from oats, mix my healthy pancakes, or mix my salad dressings.
    It is small enough to leave out. I actually got the idea from this websit - 6/8/13

  • Great ideas/tips! - 5/24/13

  • Chef Meg - Your BEST VIDEO yet! I love these helpful tips for those of us trying to be productive in the kitchen but not knowing how. More of these types of clips, please! :) - 5/18/13

  • Love the idea of using salt to clean my grinder! - 5/17/13

  • I use my silicone brush to season everything. It works really will for just about any liquid. Then I just pop it in the dish washer. - 4/22/13

  • I can tell my husband to stop buying junks...I wish I can resale my stuffs, too many of them. - 4/20/13

  • I love kitchen tools and I have way too many for my tiny kitchen! - 4/14/13

  • Great suggestions; thank you! Silicon spatula is also a must for me. We have a small kitchen, so no room for a big food processor. I found a little hand crank one that makes salsa-making and cauliflower ricing a breeze. - 4/14/13

  • A good knife is probably the most important tool. My favorite tool is a small colander that's the perfect size to drain & rinse a can of black beans, wash off fruit etc.
    - 4/14/13

  • Never been able to get all the juice from a lemon, lime, or orange...will try the fork! I love my wooden spoons!! Favorite gadget was my Ultimate chopper, so much I burned up the motor!! Need to find a good chopper, not too big and not too small, any ideas? - 4/2/13

  • Better for the environment to throw away cheesecloth instead of a paper towel? Really?
    It's easier to remove fat from stock by cooling it, then removing the solidified fat.
    My fave 6: high quality knives, whisk, rubber scraper, non-stick skillet, heavy stockpot, vita-mix. Hard to stop at 6... - 3/31/13

  • I learned some things--particularly the salt as a cleaner. A favorite tool of mine that didn't get mentioned is the kitchen shears. We never had a pair in our kitchen when I was growing up--now I don't know what I'd do without them. - 3/18/13

  • Well, you possess way more self-control than I do when it comes to acquiring kitchen gadgets. The tip about using the fork to juice lemons etc is really nifty! Thanks! - 3/12/13

  • I'm a garlic lover. I use one of those rubber things you use to open jars to get the skin off the cloves, then I have a very small 2-piece plastic garlic chopper. Not motorized, you just put half cloves in, squish it shut, then twist back and forth and it work great.Then I don't smell like garlic. - 3/10/13

  • good ideas... - 2/20/13

  • I love my bamboo spoons, garlic peer and hand chopper - 2/15/13

  • Love the coffee grinder for spices idea. - 2/9/13

  • Wow the video keeps stopping that kinda annoying so I will watch later "oops!"
    Looks interesting!!!

    - 2/8/13

  • Don't peel your carrots. Carrots hold their nutrients just under the skin and when you peel them, you are stripping away vital nutrients. - 2/3/13


  • Great tip about using salt to clean a grinder. I love garlic, so can't live without my garlic press. - 1/26/13

  • love your ideals chef meg who would have thought a coffe grinder could be used like that and a fork for juicing citrus fruits. Great.I will keep watching for more of you great and inexpensive ideals. - 1/21/13

  • I am just starting to cook my food and it is great to see I can keep it simple. No need for fancy kitchen equipment. Thanks! - 1/11/13

  • Love, love, LOVE the cheese cloth for getting fat off the top of my soups! Thanks Chef Meg!! - 1/7/13

  • I love kitchen gadgets. Probably too much! One of my favorites is this nut chopper that I got several years ago. It chopps nuts evenly and so quickly and I love it. - 1/6/13

  • Favorite: Lee Valley silicon poach pods for eggs. Easy clean up and storage. I can make poached eggs the way everyone likes them or prepare boiled eggs with no shell for later use. - 12/30/12

  • Great tips Chef Meg. The coffee grinder is super suggestion, thank you! So nice to hear a chef suggest Dollar Tree ! :) DT does have excellent items that are only $1.00. Do have trouble finding cheese cloth. One suggestion I do have a gravy/fat seperator works well. Thanks again :) - 11/8/12

  • I learn something every day I log on to SP
    thank you! - 11/4/12

  • Never thought of using salt for the coffee grinder. Instead of using cheesecloth to remove fat why not chill whatever and just skim the fat off that hardens on top. - 11/4/12

  • great tips - 10/20/12

  • I love my bamboo spoons and the Pampered Chef Spreader. - 10/5/12

  • My favourite Kitchen Tool by far has to be the Bamix with it's chooper accessory as it is so versatile and has many uses. I can quickly and easily grind coffee beans with it, chop vegtables with it, purée soups with it, make Smoothies and cakes etc... etc... - 10/4/12

  • Best thing you can get for your kitchen; a good chef's knife and learn how to keep it sharp. - 9/19/12

  • Informative video - thanks!! - 9/18/12

  • Informative. Good things to know - 9/18/12

  • I love love love my Bamix immersion blender! I can puree soups right in the pot and also use it for my smoothies. Instead of using a coffee grinder to grind spices, I use the processor attachment. - 9/16/12

  • I love the coffee grinder to grind my flax seeds. BUT my all time favorite is my Blend Tech 3 horsepower blender that I can use to make green smoothies so I get the fiber and don't have to chew all day. - 9/12/12

  • interesting. - 9/11/12

  • salt is good for cleaning a cast iron skillet If food is stuck on it. Rinse it with hot water first and then sprinkle with salt and rub with a paper towel. Keeps the coating I have worked hard to get on my skillet. I never thought of salt to clean my grinder. Wonderful tip. - 9/9/12

  • great tips - thanks - 9/8/12

  • In my kitchen, I couldn't live without my laptop, food processor, blendtec blender, juicer, crockpot , pressure cooker, and a special serrated knife that's supposed to stay sharp for life. It's just the right size, and works for everything including watermelon. - 9/7/12

  • My favorite tool is a high quality knife ... worth spending a few extra dollars for one that is really sharp! - 9/6/12

  • Never thought to use a fork like that! Thank you. My favorites: blender, food processor, good knives, coffee mill (vs grinder). - 9/1/12

  • You hit on my favorite Kitchen tool, the kitchen fork. I never thought to use it for juicing though. I use a fork instead of a whisk - 9/1/12

  • Love the video! One of my favorite kitchen tools is a rubber spatula that is heat resistance!!! - 8/31/12

  • great - 8/30/12

  • awesome tip about the coffee grinder. I am going to have to find some of those cheese clothes - 8/29/12

  • thanks for the ideas, I didn't know about the salt for cleaning the coffee grinder - 8/29/12

  • These are all great ideas. I also can't live without my personal blender, NuWave oven, slow-cooker, mandolin slicer, kitchen scale, rubber scrapers (Pampered Chef - never waste a thing in the mixing bowl.). There are more but I'll stop there! - 8/28/12

  • Three cheers for Chef Meg! She makes me feel like I can actually do some of this cooking stuff. - 4/29/12

  • Love your idea for cleaning the coffee grinder. Also use a microplane for garlic. Works great. - 4/29/12

  • Great video, I'll have to try the salt for my grinder! I purchased a chefmate a few weeks ago & I just love it. It's actually good for chopping(which I didn't even know this when I bought it) & great for scooping onions and such into your skillet!! I think I've seen Chef Meg use one before. - 4/3/12

  • I enjoy Chef Meg's tips! She mentioned the "Dollar Tree" and I want to say this is a super place for kitchen utensils/gadgets! Some of the items are very nice. Instead of expensive cookware, my cast iron skillet is ideal! Also, love my spatulas and my whisks... - 4/3/12

  • Prep bowls. Love cooking & got to have my prep bowls. If I don't have time after work to do all the prepping, I can prep in the morning, cover bowls, & come home ready to throw everything together. - 2/7/12

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