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While Chicken Parmesan is traditionally fried, this lighter version is delightful atop a hearty green salad. From "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose The Weight."
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  • Looks delicious. I'll give this one a try! - 5/23/17

  • Walnuts contain twice as many antioxidants as peanuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios. - 5/1/17

  • Yummy! I love salads, fresh basil makes it taste like summer time. - 2/8/16

  • i'll be making this one!
    - 1/14/16

  • This looks good. - 11/16/15

  • The chicken is terrific, but hated the salad, will continue to make the chicken......... - 8/19/15

  • Just added this recipe to my Recipe Collections! - 6/9/15

  • This is definitely going into my Favorites Collection. I will make this this weekend. - 4/23/15

  • I will make this tomorrow for my grandkids. - 3/30/15

  • Looks good but the blasting music accompanying it means eject the page! - 11/1/14

  • I made it yesterday for my lunch, amazing taste and very filling! - 8/20/14

  • Wow, looks yummy. Not time consuming and also easy to do. - 7/17/14

  • It looks delicious. - 7/3/14

  • Have made this geat recipe. You feed the eyes as well as the stomach. - 6/12/14

  • where can i find those shallow alumimum trays? - 5/6/14

  • I will definitely try this! It looks easy and wonderful. - 12/23/13

  • I should make this.I love basil and grow it in our garden.Sounds really tasty. Thanks for sharing. - 9/7/13

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  • Will have to try this one. Looks really good. - 8/20/13

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  • Prep looked a little heavy handed-a small hatchet, somewhat over the top Nonetheless the end result seemed to be well worth the means. - 7/20/13

  • great recipe! video is very helpful - 7/11/13

  • This sounds good... I used panko breadcrumbs mixed with parm. cheese and herbs..instead of flour, skip the egg yolk. moisten chicken with olive oil... baked in the oven.450. no pan frying. - 7/11/13

  • I like the way this video was put together - it shows all of the steps in a nice way - everything from slicing the chicken breasts to seeding the tomato and chopping - each of the parts was shown. Nice. - 7/11/13

  • I have'nt tried this fabulous salad yet, but I'm sure it will knock my socks off! - 5/21/13

  • WOW, looks great. Do not use cheese but am trying this. - 5/19/13

  • Going to try this and make this a family dish. - 5/4/13

  • love this recipe good for lazy sunday
    I will enjoy this every weekend. will
    pass it on to friends and family - 4/14/13

  • This looks easy enough to halve for two people. - 4/13/13

  • FANTASTIC meal!!! Will become a family favourite for sure :o) - 4/6/13

  • This looks delish! Will be the next recipe I try! Btw, nanago1204, pampered chef sells a plastic tray set like this. - 4/6/13

  • I tried it and loved it. - 4/2/13

  • Love the video... I cook a lot but it is always inspiring to see how other people do things even if they are quite simple... We all get in cooking ruts so the videos really help!! - 4/1/13

  • This looks awesome! I'm going to have to try this one! - 3/18/13

  • I love this recipe. I would also use it with fish. Sometimes when I make my salads I'll use cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. - 1/27/13

  • Great recipe and I always enjoy Chef Meg, but , Please, please, remind people to wash hand thoroughly immediately after handling raw chicken or eggs. I would have to wash my hands at least 4 times making this! - 1/21/13

  • this looks fantastic, gotta try this!
    - 1/6/13

  • Looks delicious and fairly quick! - 1/3/13

  • Making this tonight! This looks so delicious. Nice video. - 12/20/12

  • Where would I find the trays you are using for dipping? - 12/19/12

  • I might even try least the chicken part. What do you do with the egg yolks? - 10/27/12

  • I really would like to make this dish, but I can't have the flour, a restriction from my doctor. Is there a suggestion of some other type of batter instead of flour? Let me know. - 9/25/12

  • This looks delish! I think this will be a Friday nite date dish. Ps the video production looks really good. - 9/25/12

  • I don't mind ads, I understand the need for them. However ads that are as long as, or sometimes longer, than the video I chose to watch, is a bit much. - 9/11/12

  • Along with being quick and easy to make, the chicken is delicious! This will be a part of my regular meal planning. - 9/5/12

  • This looks wonderful! I already make a Parmesan chicken w/Panko crumbs instead of flour, but I'm looking forward to trying it w/flour and that awesome looking salad! - 8/29/12

  • This is the first time I've seen one of these on Spark - great idea and follow through. I am inspired! Good job. - 8/29/12

  • That looks delicious and I think even I could make it. YUM - 8/28/12

  • Looks tasty I am going to try this very soon - 8/26/12

  • Looks so Good I gotta give this a try. - 8/8/12

  • Looks delics!! - 7/29/12

  • This will definitely get made in my kitchen! :-) - 4/18/12

  • Video shows great detail. Simple and forthwright. Very enticing. Makes me want to make dish myself. - 3/26/12

  • Looks good and I have ordered the cookbook - 3/26/12

  • Sounds and looks great! - 3/9/12

  • cant wait to try this
    - 3/1/12

  • Made for my family and it was fantastic! - 1/2/12

  • Great production values - 12/1/11

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