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Ever wonder what Chef Meg keeps on hand for busy nights, quick dinners, and healthy snacks? Find out now!

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  • I want a user friendly pantry that has everything I use frequently at wheelchair accessible height. - 8/6/18

  • Great ideas! My pantry needs organization like that! - 5/3/18

  • I wish I had all that room and counter space in my kitchen. - 7/14/17

  • I've got some work to do before my pantry looks as neat as Chef Meg's. - 7/14/17

  • A slow cooker can help busy people make healthy meals faster. - 5/26/17

  • great ideas - 2/15/17

  • I like the idea of using as many expiring items in recipes as soon as possible. - 1/21/16

  • Once every 6 months, I take everything off the shelves, wash the shelf and go through my hoard. Then I make meals with things that have been sitting there. - 1/9/16

  • "If you can see it, you're gonna use it". Man, I've thrown away a lot of stuff over the years when I re-discovered them after they'd gone bad. - 1/8/16

  • Her spices aren't in her pantry. In a different video she shows all her spices which are located in one of her cabinets in the kitchen. - 11/15/15

  • Would be nice to have a big pantry like that - otherwise this is totally unrealistic because of space. Also I am shocked at to how few spices she has. - 10/25/15

  • Excellent advice! Also, good lighting in the pantry area helps too. Friends tease me 'cause I alphabetize my canned veggies and fruits -- it works for me. - 3/4/15

  • I made rollout shelves for two of my large bottom cupboards. Wow! What a difference! I get much better use of the cupboards and don't have to stand on my head to see to the back of the shelves. I need to do that to my garage pantry shelves that are 3 feet deep- impossible to see to the back. - 11/6/14

  • Wish I had a pantry to organize :( - 7/5/14

  • Besides placing new items to the back, when I buy in bulk, I take a marker and write the date I bought it on top (say 7-14). That way a quick glance tells me old cans from new. - 7/2/14

  • I wish I had a pantry. I have two small cupboard shelves :( (small apartment, living, yay) - 5/27/14

  • I keep trying to organize my very, very small pantry space, but I just can't keep it looking the way it should. I'll have to try harder! :-( - 4/9/14

  • great information,all should view, and review occasionally to remind ourselves. fattyfo - 3/27/14

  • great info - 2/25/14

  • thanks for the info! - 9/25/13

  • Great info. Thank you. My pantry don't have shelves in it. - 9/9/13

  • Thank you, Chef Meg - 9/7/13

  • I just wish I had a pantry. The only way I could organize it so that I can see it is to leave it out on the counter. Even then, not much counter space. I need a new kitchen! - 9/5/13

  • Love her pantry. At 15 inches, mine is too deep. I lose good stuff. And I want roll outs in the bottom. Lots of back issues. Nice. - 7/15/13

  • I try to keep a well stocked pantry. When it's well stocked I can open a cookbook and chances are I'll have what I need for a recipe I want to make. - 6/27/13

  • My husband built me a canned good and spice pantry rack with potatoes and onion bin at bottom.
    Have cabinets so cannot see. Maybe when replace cabinets should do this instead. - 6/9/13

  • Wish I had a pantry. Very good advice. - 6/5/13

  • Great info and I'm jealous of that pantry! - 5/19/13

  • I only wish I had pantry like hers! - 4/30/13

  • I want a pantry like that! - 4/20/13

  • Great advice! - 3/27/13

  • If you can see you'll use it! That is so true - 3/20/13

  • I just wish that I had a pantry! - 2/24/13

  • I need more items in my pantry; it was good to take a look inside the chef's pantry. I just read something in Sparks about Coconut oil and and Peanut oil. After more research I may add these next in my arsenal. hehe - 2/16/13

  • My kitchen is not much larger than Chef Meg's pantry but I do keep my small pantry pretty organized. Thanks for sharong Chef Meg. - 1/27/13

  • My pantry is stuff with way more food than this :) - 1/26/13

  • Would love to have this space for my cooking!
    - 12/13/12

  • Is it possible to pin this.
    I'm redoing my pantry
    Thanks Chef Meg - 11/26/12

  • Thanks Meg. Good advice!! - 9/17/12

  • Grouping like with like. Thanks for reminding me. - 9/16/12

  • Great advice! - 9/8/12

  • nice clear explanations - thanks! - 9/7/12

  • Thanks - 9/4/12

  • Great information!! Thank you!!! - 9/3/12

  • Thanks for the reminder to rotate. - 9/3/12

  • I luv this video, it has helped me loads. - 9/3/12

  • k - 9/1/12

  • Please do more of these where you or mention which foods can be used for dinners.
    Something along the lines of stocking the pantry for recipes you anticipate using. - 8/30/12

  • Video didn't play well - 8/13/12

  • Very organized and informational! - 8/3/12

  • Thank you, Chef Meg - 5/28/12

  • Excellent - 5/27/12


  • e - 3/31/12

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