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Roasted garlic is a healthy and flavorful addition to any meal. Learn how to do it, with very little added oil or fat.

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  • Thanks for the information - 2/17/18

  • Thanks for the tip. I've never roasted garlic before. - 2/17/18

  • Sounds Great - 9/1/17

  • Great tip - 8/31/17

  • I enjoy garlic a lot and I think this would make a great tasting toast in the morning. I'm going to try tomorrow morning. - 8/8/17

  • This looks so good-have to try soon! - 4/25/17

  • I will be trying that tonight. - 3/31/17

  • I need to try this. - 4/14/16

  • Great timing, Sparkpeople!I've been thinking about roasted garlic for days! - 4/14/16

  • I wrap several bulbs with aluminum foil and drizzle on the olive oil, let it spill over. When the garlic cooks the oil will turn into garlic infused oil so don't toss it. The garlic oil is delicious to use when making a stir fry. It goes rancid quickly so refrigerate and use it within 5 days. - 4/11/16

  • Never did it like this before. Hope to try it soon thank you. - 2/27/16

  • Tried this and made me appreciate the simplicity of using garlic. - 11/12/15

  • I had no idea I could do this with garlic which I love and eat lots of. Going to do this tomorrow at dinner time
    - 10/17/15

  • Love garlic! Thanks Chef Meg. - 5/27/15

  • Sounds great! - 2/22/15

  • I love the taste of roasted garlic, it does make food taste so different. Can anyone tell me if you can roast the garlic and then freeze it. How will it do if it is frozen. - 2/11/15

  • Roasted garlic is great. I learned to do this by wrapping the garlic in tin foil first. I think I'll try it without the tin foil next time. - 1/23/15

  • I've got to try this! Sounds yummy! - 5/15/14

  • garlic mushrooms onion, yum - 3/17/14

  • I love roasted garlic. This is a must try/keep recipe for me. Thank you. - 3/3/14

  • Feeling annoyed:- After 4 attempts, I FINALLY got the video to play! This is what happens on a regular basis when I try to watch any of the videos on SparkPeople. No, it is NOT my internet connection! Anyway, I love garlic and use it all the time as a seasoning. - 1/30/14

  • Love roasted garlic - 10/13/13

  • So simple I can't wait to try it. Thank you chef Meg. - 9/30/13

  • So easy! Who knew? - 7/8/13

  • Yummy!! Thanks Chef Meg. - 6/15/13

  • I do this a lot when roasting other vegetables.
    just love it! - 3/13/13

  • I roast garlic in a small, lidded Pyrex baking dish, fitting in as many heads -tops cut off- as possible. Add good olive oil by the tablespoon, keeping count. garlic infused oil left over is fabulous long after garlic has been used up - total the calories and divvy it up. The oil freezes well. - 3/7/13

  • YR4ME2012
    To roast without oil, just roast dry, it is still very good. - 3/7/13

  • I always thought roasting garlic would be a pain. How easy! Gonna buy some fresh garlic and do this! - 3/1/13

  • I can't wait to try this; I just bought fresh garlic yesterday at the store to try on a Spark broccoli- recipe in the oven for under 15 minutes....mmmmm. - 2/27/13

  • Super, on the menu for tonight X - 2/22/13

  • Love it! Will try this soon. - 2/13/13

  • Awesome!! Had been told about this by friends, but was unsure of the steps, so fantastic to get to SEE how it is done, looks...easy, Have to try this. Thanks soooo much for the awesome video! - 2/4/13

  • Mmm, I eat garlic every day. It has greater nutritional value if you eat it raw, however. - 2/1/13

  • Cut off top.
    Pour and smear 1/2 tsp Olive Oil
    375 degrees
    15-20 minutes.
    Thank You For another Great Tip, Chef Meg! - 1/21/13

  • I did this and it was truly a great tasting treat. - 11/30/12

  • roasted garlic is great on everything! I just started adding it to my salads! - 11/17/12

  • Love garlic! - 10/18/12

  • You said it will keep for a week in ice box - do you leave it in the clove form or scoop it free?
    - 10/14/12

  • I have never eaten roasted garlic but would love to try it.It sounds really Good. - 10/8/12

  • Garlic is something I use in everything and roasting it is just another perfect way to enjoy it!! - 10/8/12

  • looks great

    - 9/10/12

  • What a great idea.... it's natures 'antibiotic' and I love it! Will roast some today now that I know how! Thank you! - 9/9/12


  • Very nice and will try this soon. - 9/3/12

  • Thanks I'll give it a try. - 8/29/12

  • yum
    - 8/28/12

  • This may give me the courage to try! - 8/28/12

  • How do you roast without adding oil? - 7/8/12

  • Sounds delicious on bread! - 6/10/12

  • Thanks, Chef Meg. Yummy! - 6/9/12

  • love the quick tip, thanks! - 6/9/12

  • Wow, I can do that! I love roasted garlic. I also will break up the cloves and disperse them in a pan when I am roasting other vegetables. Mmmm, great flavor! - 6/9/12

  • Just planted some garlic, excited about trying this one. Thank you :) - 6/9/12

  • Taht is great, will have to try as we use garlic in everything, Thanks - 6/9/12

  • I love this! We had this spread on Italian bread in a wonderful Italian restaurant called Spigolas. Delicious!
    - 5/24/12

  • Yummy I can't wait to try this at home. - 5/22/12

  • YUM! I love roasted garlic, thankyou!
    - 3/24/12

  • Thank you! I love garlic and will definitely try this. - 3/19/12

  • Thank you. I bet it is good. - 3/5/12

  • How simple can you get... going to do this myself now. - 3/5/12

  • Thanks! - 3/5/12

  • I just love these quick & easy tips from Chef Meg! Thank you, thank you!! - 3/5/12

  • That is so super simple. The way I've been doing it takes more time and more oil, but this seems to be healthier. - 10/23/11

  • I roast about 10-15 cloves in a little olive oil and eat it fresh with smashed avocado spritzed with lemon...So good and SO healthy! - 2/6/11

  • Thanks. I will add this to my chicken tuscany - 2/3/11

  • Thanks Meg,
    I buy the roasted garlic at Whole Food Market, but now I see how easy it is to roast it myself. - 12/11/10

  • Yummmmmm! - 8/21/10

  • Thanks great tip. I am going to try it tonight. - 8/4/10

  • ok - 4/7/10

  • roasted garlic is so less pungent than eating regular. You can cook 4-10 of them in the same pan. It's great to spread on a pizza shell and make a white pizza, low fat cheese, chicken, etc - 3/20/10

  • I absolutely love garlic but never thought about roasting them on their own great tip thanks - 3/20/10

  • Any idea what changes if you try to cook 4-6 cloves at once?
    - 12/8/09

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