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If ever there was a kid-friendly recipe, this is it! My three boys love these--and my husband does, too.
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  • sounds good - 6/14/18

  • I think it sounds great. I was also surprised about the small amount of beef per person. I would like to use ground turkey. - 5/15/18

  • Too bad it has so much sodium. Those of us that have high blood pressure must watch our sodium intake. - 1/3/18

  • Delicious! - 5/30/17

  • Definitely adding this to my weekend menu! - 5/17/17

  • Yummy! - 5/22/15

  • Looks good, but I had not sound. - 6/17/14

  • Would this also work with bulk sausage?
    - 6/8/13

  • I'm going to substitute ground chicken-Chef Meg always is showing us all how to make Yummy healthier foods-I love it!
    I used turkey as the substitute for the ground beef & it was delicious! - 6/2/13

  • That looks so good! - 5/17/13

  • I think the family will like this. - 5/8/13

  • I tried this last night and o fell in love.... made enough to bring for lunch today... wondeful.. i also order the cook book.:-) - 1/31/13

  • looks like a very good economical recipe. where are my spark points? - 6/8/12

  • this will be great for my meat eating husband! - 4/28/12

  • how to make the tomato base without at blender? - 4/19/12

  • I Put it on my meal planner for next week. This looks like a easy and fun recite. Thank you! - 3/6/12

  • sounds and looks delicious but was surprised at the amount of beef 8 ounces for four sloppyjo's
    after cooked probably 6 oz, so is this really enough protein per person, if each eats one serving. - 2/23/12

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