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Think we're crazy to include this recipe in a collection of healthy dishes? Truthfully, it illustrates our philosophy of satisfaction and eating what you love.
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  • Looks good and I love steak - 2/2/18

  • Outstanding recipe! - 1/9/18

  • Yum! - 11/11/17

  • Eager to try this one. - 10/19/17

  • This looks so good. I definitely want to try it. Thank you. - 7/4/17

  • Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day. - 5/28/17

  • We rarely eat beef, so this was a big hit for a surprise dinner the other night! It was absolutely heavenly! :-) - 5/27/17

  • yummy! - 4/21/17

  • sounds good. - 2/21/17

  • This recipe is great. A handful of ingredients but you can really taste the meat and blue cheese. Searing the meat keeps the moisture in, and it gives the outside a satisfying firmness that you should have on a steak! - 1/1/16

  • for the past 3 weeks i've been cooking entirly from Spark Cook Book, totally love every recipe i tried and already lost 8 pounds!!!!! today i'm trying this delicious steak, Thanks Chef MEG :) - 8/24/14

  • Great video, and,sound philosophy. One of the few successful people I met in OA several years ago ate only what she loved. Her plan really worked for her. - 7/19/14

  • It almost made my mouth water and I just ate. I'll be trying it this weekend - 4/28/14

  • omg this sounds soooo good! - 4/25/14

  • This one is a keeper - 8/21/13

  • i love steak; have not met one i didn't like. definitely gonna cook and serve this recipe. thanx - 6/26/13

  • I can't wait to try this. I had a filet at Longhorn last night and it was so yummy. I didn't realize it was so easy to make. Will be enjoying this often. - 6/14/13

  • Yummy - 6/14/13

  • It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. - 6/14/13

  • What temperature does the oven get set at? - 4/22/13

  • Looks very good - 3/19/13

  • I'M ALL OVER THIS ONE! Since I am the only one cooking and eating...I will get at least 4 meals out of this. hahaha. This is definitely on my hit list. - 3/13/13

  • Very similar to a recipe that I make. This is a better, slimmer version. Will prepare soon. - 3/12/13

  • LOVE this idea - and great to watch the demo. Had no idea it could be such a low cal dinner dish. This will definitely be our Saturday night treat this weekend. - 2/12/13

  • Looks good however I want my steak well done! - 1/21/13

  • Oh my goodness, I'm drooling with watching this. It looks scrunptious and I will have to try this for my family! Thanks Meg! - 1/11/13

  • Loved the video, it makes it look so easy to prepare. I will be trying this one! - 1/7/13

  • Looks really tasty but I'd prefer we'll done. ;) - 10/8/12

  • A 3-oz steak is the size of a hamburger patty. I've a strong suspicion we see larger ones being cooked on this video! Since I regularly cook tenderloin, I'm not sure such a small piece of tenderloin would even cook properly. I'd suggest cooking it whole, resting it, and then slicing it. - 10/2/12

  • Looks so yummy! - 8/31/12

  • This looks great. I will try it tonight. Thank You - 8/22/12

  • Thanks for the demonstration. I will remember this technique next time I cook steak - love peppercorns on it. - 4/18/12

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