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These healthful muffins freeze well. Make a batch on the weekend for a quick and tasty breakfast. Serve with fruit and milk.
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  • Looks great with a hot cup of green tea thanks for sharing - 12/7/18

  • This looks easy - 5/24/18

  • Looks good - 4/3/18

  • This looks easy and good! - 3/24/18

  • Going to make a batch tomorrow. - 1/24/18

  • They look good and easy to make - 1/24/18

  • Now that we are having colder days I will be making these to eat and warm up the house. Thanks! - 10/13/17

  • Great muffin - 10/12/17

  • Looks great - 10/9/17

  • These muffins look very yummy. I am going to try them for DH and me. - 7/27/17

  • Whoa! Stir with wooden spoon after fruit has been added? You just said do not use mixer this will smoosh the berries, so then why perform the same action with a spoon?
    I was always taught to use a flat spatula and FOLD in the fruit.
    Does squish them and leave your recipe with skin and juice - 5/14/17

  • Looks very good. - 4/19/17

  • The flaxseeds go through your body undigested!! Recipe should be Flaxmeal in the first place, too many don't read the TIPS under the video that tells you that! And it's Flax Oil that can't be heated to fry with, not Flaxmeal. - 4/10/17

  • They look good! I'll make some today. Snow day today perfect time to make them! - 3/14/17

  • If you can't be kind, don't leave a comment. Only comment if you've ever tried demonstrating for public viewing! Then you can talk! Poor girl probably didn't even realise she was saying 'unthaw' (Didn't hear it, I'm going on a prev comment.) Chasing 5 mins so you don't get bored viewing is no fun. - 1/27/17

  • Unthaw? Really? Leave off the un. Unthaw is to freeze. - 3/9/16

  • This is misinformed. Cooking ground flax seed destroys the Omega3 fat that is so good for you in the first place. Instead, soak the seeds overnight in the fridge. Mix them into batter whole. They are then digestible and can be heated to 350 w/o damage to the fat. Can dry intogreat flax crackers too! - 2/22/16

  • Prepare easy and healthy meals with the Paleo Recipe Book - 9/22/15

  • I like to roast walnut or almonds to add to this recipe. There are only two of us at home, so I'm happy that they freeze so well! :-) - 8/20/15

  • PLEASE show the finished product close up at the end! - 4/22/15

  • These look delicious - 4/15/15

  • for some reason video isn't playing for me - 4/13/15

  • yummmmm - 4/13/15

  • I will definitely try this but I'll substitute with gluten free flour and also use stevia powder. I love quick cooking stuff... - 9/12/14

  • Anxious to try these. - 4/27/14

  • The link took me right to the recipe and the nutritional info there was the same as in the video. I am going to mix a batch of these up for lunches or breakfast! - 2/16/14

  • Put a partially filled pan in oven, not smart, (my opinion), Heck stop the camera and fill the pan, then let us see the finished/baked muffin. Thanks!
    Somehow I got back here while searching for recipe. WHERE is the recipe? Clicked get recipe SEVERAL times,NEVER got/saw it.Same for others comments - 1/17/14

  • Where can we find the recipe on these muffins besides here on the video.. Flaxseed is always a great idea to use as ingredients!!! THanks for sharing!Where can we find the recipe on these muffins besides here on the video.. Flaxseed is always a great idea to use as ingredients!!! THanks for sharing! - 1/6/14

  • I made the muffins. They are awesome!! Thank you!! All the ingredients I had on hand except for frozen blueberries!! - 7/13/13

  • Gping to try it. I can use the flaxseed. - 6/25/13

  • Great video. I am going to start getting more flax seed in my diet and I love baking so this will really work well. Thanks for sharing. - 6/10/13

  • Liked added flaxseed and coating the blueberries to keep from sinking... - 6/1/13

  • Great demo and recipe - 4/5/13

  • This looks very doable. I was surprised that the directions on the screen said they could go from the freezer to the lunch box and the muffin would 'unthaw' by lunch time. Doesn't 'unthaw' mean freeze? - 1/9/13

  • Receipe sounds so easy and the video was very clear, although bread is my weakness. The calorie count varies, so I was wondering if the whole muffin was 139 calories and the mini muffins were 120. - 12/5/12

  • So how many calories are in each one. 120 or 139? The picture on the recipe does not match as there are no flax seeds on the top as the video shows.
    The recipe does sound good and I will try it this afternoon. - 10/21/12

  • This looks great and can't wait to try it. I printed out the recipe and the nutrition info said that the calories were 138.8 and fat is 1.5g, and on the video the nutrition facts are mentioned as calories 120 and fat 1.4g. Why the difference and which is correct? - 10/10/12

  • These are great, but I use 2 cups dry oats, and sometimes add raisins or craisins, and brown sugar Splenda. For breakfast i split one open and eat with peanut butter for my protein. - 9/29/12

  • Looking forward to giving these a try! Will be great to make and freeze, grab one in the morning for lunch at work. All with the added bonus of the goodness from blueberries and flaxseeds! - 8/23/12

  • So, what is the recipe for the apple sauce? Do I just stew a couple of apples with a wee drop lemon juice, or what? - 8/20/12

  • LOVED IT - 7/8/12

  • good and easy - 5/18/12

  • I enjoyed this video. Learned what quick bread meant will be trying these this week for sure. Video was clear and instructions were well presented.
    Thanks - 4/17/12

  • will this work with other flours, like amaranth or rye? I have to find something besides wheat - 3/21/12

  • sounds good - 3/18/12

  • Sounds yummy! - 2/18/12

  • Hmm video says 1 whole muffin is 120 calories but looking at the recipe it says 1 whole muffin is 139 calories. Why the difference? - 12/8/11

  • looks great!!can i use dried blueberries instead?
    - 11/14/11

  • I have been trying to incorporate more flaxseeds into my diet, this was great!!! Thank You, my sister and I had the muffins this morning...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! - 10/16/11

  • Sure looks yummy, but I was disappointed not to see the end result. - 8/19/11

  • I didn't know you put the flaxseed on top. I always threw them in the mix. Will try this today. - 8/7/11

  • Looking forwarding to trying this out ....don't care for blueberries that much but i will try it - 7/22/11

  • Made these muffins this a.m. and they were delicious! Husband really liked them, too! Glad to hear they can be frozen, too! - 7/20/11

  • I have been told by a physician that heat destroys nutrients in flax seed. I would like to know the answer to that. I was also told young children should not eat Flax. What is the answer. I eat it all the time have done done for years. - 6/22/11

  • This really is a great recipe. Thank you! - 4/28/11

  • These look so great, and so easy!! We don't eat applesauce in our house, so I'll need to buy some just to make these - guess I'd better make and freeze some big batches, eh? =) - 4/6/11

  • Just made these today. LOVE THEM! Kids love them to, asked me to pack them on there lunch for school. - 4/3/11

  • I'm always looking for ways to use flax seeds. thanks. - 2/2/11

  • I can't wait to try this recipe. I purchased some flaxseed today. - 12/23/10

  • Thank you for sharing. I get a lot of blue berries from our local farmer's market and then freeze in small freezer bags and their ready any time, can't wait to make these. - 12/11/10

  • healthy and easy - 11/30/10

  • ok - 11/12/10

  • i'll def try this weekend - 10/29/10

  • yummy - 10/12/10

  • Great I'm gonna try this. - 9/26/10

  • Great change to my own recipe - 9/17/10

  • These were good and with blueberries in season even better. - 8/12/10

  • Made these today so easy and they are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. submitted by Coachable - 7/20/10

  • tried this today yummy thanks - 7/15/10

  • Do use flaxseed, but not often enough. Love muffins and blueberries, so it looks like a winning combination. Can't wait to try them! - 7/6/10

  • looking forward to trying this recipe... love blueberry muffins and the bonus of the flax seed is great. - 7/5/10

  • this was a pleasure to watch - 6/20/10

  • Looks great - will definitely try. I love flaxseed, so this is going to be a favorite recipe for sure. thanks. - 4/23/10

  • realy tasty - 4/12/10

  • these sound great - can't wait to try these and also like that she uses whole wheat flour and applesauce. - 4/9/10

  • These taste great! - 3/23/10

  • awesome idea!! - 3/16/10

  • Where does it let me print the receipe? - 3/16/10

  • tasty way to use flaxseeds, thanks! - 3/5/10

  • yay - 2/13/10

  • instead of egg -> 1TB ground flaxseed + 3TB water heat on a stove or microwave for 15 sec (or more) and let it cool before using - 2/2/10

  • I love these videos! I will have to try this recipe soon. - 1/24/10

  • Good muffins are great...but healthier ones are better. I appreciate these videos. As a 'seasoned" cook, I enjoy learning new techniques. I am eager to stay tuned for more! - 1/4/10

  • another vegan tip - To replace the butter milk - use soymilk with a Tbls of lemon jiuce
    for egg replacer use - 1/4 cp pureed apple sauce,banana,squash or pumkin - may add some flavor - 1/2/10

  • Sprinkling flaxseed on any type of muffin before baking is an Excellent idea! Also the tip so the blueberries don't sink to the bottom. - 12/29/09

  • I will have to try them with the flax. Instead of egg I put a replacer, - 12/11/09

  • I was sad that there was no closeup of the muffins at the end of the video. I was curious how they had come out/what they looked like after baking. - 12/9/09

  • How do you open up the video? - 11/19/09

  • How could one make this vegan - 11/4/09

  • This looks yummy! - 11/2/09

  • this will be a good way to have flaxseed added to our diet for the whole family - 10/27/09

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