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This soup is perfect for your busy life! On days that your family is occupied with homework and sports until dinnertime, you can mix this together in a flash and let the slow cooker do all the work.
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  • I need to give this one a try. - 8/29/17

  • I love my slow cooker! I get up early in the morning to do cooking for dinner early so I can enjoy my day and this is an easy recipe. My lentils are always at the right texture and it is so delicious! - 2/27/17

  • I made this yesterday morning thinking we would have it for dinner. The lentils did not get done and were still hard and the carrots weren't done either. Cooked it longer today and served it for dinner. Neither DH nor I cared for it. Guess lentils are not our thing. - 2/2/17

  • looks really good and easy - 2/1/17

  • For recipe go to:
    Enjoy! - 9/25/14

  • AARGH...I made this last night from memory.
    I realize now I forgot the tomatoes and tomato paste!
    - 9/8/14

  • I'm curious as to how many servings this makes. That would be something wonderful to add to a new batch of videos if it's not all ready done. - 12/7/13

  • sounds good. I tried lentils reasantly and really liked them
    - 9/17/13

  • I make lentil soup without tomatoes all the time, Enigma13, simply omit them. I always saute my onions , plus a clove or more of minced garlic before adding to the cooking lentils. It gives the onions and garlic a more rounded flavor. - 9/13/13

  • Don't have a Slow Cooker, Using the same technique, how long would I cook this in a regular pan. - 9/11/13

  • just as Micheal said I'm amazed that any body can earn $8227 in 4 weeks on the internet. read the article.... - 9/6/13

  • I love lentil soup but haven't had it in awhile; this renewed my interest.....thanx so much Chef Meg! - 9/5/13

  • That looks like a tremendous vegan meal! - 9/4/13

  • mmmm.. I would like to prepare this today! Is one cup of lentils 6 servings? - 8/20/13

  • Don't like soup that much - 7/1/13

  • I love how Chef Meg makes cooking seem so easy and she is so calm in her instructing. I do not like to cook (probably because I get so nervous), but watching Chef Meg's videos relaxes me and makes me want to give the recipes a try! :-) - 1/30/13

  • Yummy, satisfying & so easy. - 1/22/13

  • I've never cooked lentils, but this makes it seem easy. - 1/5/13

  • I made this with one cup of shredded carrot, half a pkg of lentils (about 1.5C), switched out the italian seasoning for two tbsp of curry, 1 tsp cumin, and chopped up some lamb chops into 1/2" cubes. Was yummy, but still added hot sauce. Set in cooker on high for 2 hrs, then low overnight - 8-10h - 12/2/12

  • I appreciate that you chop and dice like a real person, not an insanely fast chef. I am always in fear of losing a finger or two trying to match them! - 11/30/12

  • very good - 9/11/12

  • This looks so yummy and I loved the video! I will definitely make this....probably tomorrow since we have a soccer game. If I make this, I can have dinner waiting for us when we get home. Thanks Chef Meg! - 9/8/12

  • Trying this tonight for dinner! I added two small cloves of garlic and the tomatos I had on hand were the pepper, onion, garlic ones we normally have in the pantry. I'm going to add some "decobbed" grilled sweet corn left over from Labor Day in about the last hour of cooking. :) - 9/5/12

  • Looks yummy! - 9/2/12

  • So easy! - 8/19/12

  • This looks awesome! Thanks Chef Meg! - 4/9/12

  • This looks delicious, I have made something similar and my kids love it. But I have discovered that one of my sons has a sensitivity to tomatoes. Do you have an idea to replace them? - 3/19/12

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