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Panzanella is an Italian salad that can be found on trendy bistro menus in the hot summer months. I'll share a secret with you: This salad was invented when times were tough, as a way to use up stale bread.

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  • I have been wanting to make this but I can't seem to find a whole wheat Italian bread in the store in my town. Sounds kind of nutty but true. - 9/4/17

  • Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. - Aristotle - 7/19/17

  • It is a bread salad, without the bread, it is a whole other thing. - 6/27/17

  • Sounds wonderful. I will be making - 1/30/17

  • Sounds yummie! - 8/22/16

  • Looks interesting and good enough for even we non-cooks to try. I also noticed the imperfections with the English Language (as commented by PFITZ2100); but this is an American website and perhaps these differences occur. As long as the message of the recipe comes across okay, that's the main thing - 9/4/15

  • Yum! The bread is delicious as it soaks up flavor from dressing! I think the pieces were a bit big! Give her a break on the grammar...she is usually correct! - 4/25/15

  • LOVE panzanella salad. Great idea to make my own with whole grain bread. I also like the idea of using the immersion blender for salad dressings. - 6/2/14

  • Steph Mangalvin - Chef - PANZANELLA - contd.
    She also completely shatters the English language by saying: We need to purchase
    the "most ripest tomatoes!" Really? Chef Steph needs to be aware of what she is saying.
    Pretty bad. Thank you for your time.
    - 7/16/13

  • as Mark replied I'm impressed that a mother can profit $5362 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this web page www.Blue46.ℂom - 7/12/13

  • Sounds yummy - 7/3/13

  • This is one of my standbys. I like it because of the bread. I need to eat bread, but dont need the cals of what I usually put on it! I rub the griddle with garlic before makingnthe croutons. - 7/3/13

  • Without the bread. - 6/14/13

  • I like croutons but not so sure about this bread inclusion. I will give it a try though! - 2/24/13

  • Hmmm...Video finished but the presentation wasn't finished. Guess that was it? - 9/8/12

  • Sounds good - 7/1/12

  • Sounds good except for the bread. - 4/21/11

  • This looks good! I will try it as soon as I get the ingredients. - 9/11/10

  • looks good. you've given me a gr8 idea. i like it!!!! - 9/2/10

  • I really liked this salad. It's a good way to use tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden. - 9/1/10

  • Boy does it look good! I'm going to make that today.YUM! - 9/1/10

  • Interesting as I have never added bread to salad. Will try - 8/31/10

  • it looks down right awesome! Can't wait to try it! - 8/30/10

  • I love salads but not sure if I will try this not a huge fan of bread in salads. Interesting how many foods we now "enjoy" (even if they aren't good for us!) started out like that - ie French Toast. - 8/30/10

  • I love this with tuna and fresh basil in the salad as well. Makes a great summer supper. - 8/30/10

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