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After you've roasted a chicken or turkey, don't throw away the bones. They can be used to make homemade, low-sodium stocks, which can add flavor to your healthy, home-cooked meals.

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  • Can't wait to do this and put in the ice trays! - 2/27/18

  • thank you I did not know to put in 1 ice cube would make one pint of stock. - 2/5/18

  • Looking forward to trying this - 9/15/17

  • I always make my own stock, it is healthy and delicious and can be used in so many recipes! I like to buy whole chickens and break them down, so I use the backs as you do. - 3/4/17

  • i do mine in a crock pot. i put whole chicken, plus gizzards cook it until the meat is falling off then i remove meat/bones. section off the meat into meal parts (salad topper alfredo,oven fried then i put bones back in w/ onion skins,celery tops etc reduce strain refrigerate remove fat in a sheet - 2/5/16

  • Prepare easy and healthy meals with the Paleo Recipe Book - 9/22/15

  • Can you can this? - 2/10/15

  • I use Chicken Feet and add a tablespoon of vinegar (it pulls everything out of the bones) and it gives me the best gelatin for stock. - 1/19/15

  • I tried this and it is pretty easy. I ran the whole pot into another pot through the spaghetti colander and caught the bones and big fat blobs. - 10/31/14

  • I will definitely use a coffee filter in the future as not as expensive as using cheesecloth. - 2/6/14

  • This was an excellent video. I've made chicken stock before but didn't know to skim off the residue and using a coffee filter to add herbs and spices. I love that idea. Will definitely use her ideas the next time I make stock. - 1/17/14

  • Fabulous! - 1/11/14

  • GREAT IDEA!!!! - 1/11/14

  • LOVE this idea! I'm always adding chicken flavoring to food when I cook but hate the high sodium that comes along with it. I will be doing this soon. - 12/31/13

  • I can't wait to try this. I am freezing my chicken backbones and soon I will give this a try!! - 11/14/13

  • I'm definitely going to try this! Great idea. - 9/21/13

  • Awesome - 9/1/13

  • homemade stock has a lot more "body" than the bought ones. It's full of natural gelatins, which are supposed to be good for joint health, in addition to the "mouthfeel" and complexity of flavor. Turkey is especialy nice. - 2/5/13

  • I also do this with turkey carcass. It makes wonderful stock. - 2/3/13

  • I do this in my crock pot. I use the bones and veggies and put them in overnight and all the next makes WONDERFUL stock. I also do this with my rotisserie chicken bones. They work great!! - 2/3/13

  • I love soup!! I cheat and make a small batch of chicken soup from my leftovers from my Costco roasted chickens. I usually purchase two a week for my salads I eat with chicken. I de-bone the meat and use what is felt to make a small pot of chicken broth. - 1/16/13

  • Very informative video with lots of detailed tips. I knew about the ice cube tray trick but didn't know how much each cube was equivalant to. Thanks Chef Meg for your videos & tips. - 1/7/13

  • Thanks, Sparkers, for the ideas on using the veggies leftover from the stock making process. - 12/18/12

  • Love the tips I got with this video!! - 12/18/12

  • Great video - thank you! For the person who asked what should they do with the chicken, carrots, celery as to not 'waste' them. After being boiled for 3-4 hours, they've released all their goodness & flavours, so it's mostly fiber that's left. Puree them & make yourself a quick soup. - 11/11/12

  • what can i do with the chicken, carrots, onion, and celery when done not to waste them - 10/10/12

  • great reminder about creating stock at home, minus the sodium of store brands! - 9/9/12

  • I learned so much watching this video, thanks for the cooking class! Explaining different seasonal options and talking about the price comparison were especially helpful. - 9/1/12

  • This sounds great. I have a roasted chicken in the fridge that we never finished eating. I was about to throw the rest out but now I can make stock! Perfect timing. Also like what someone said about the slow cooker and the freezer. - 12/23/11

  • Love learning how to make stocks. Can you show us how to make a roasted vegetable stock? I would love that one. - 8/30/11

  • Great idea to reduce and freeze in ice cube trays. After I remove the chicken bones from the stock I use a blender stick to puree the carrots, onions and celery to add fiber to my soup. - 8/26/11

  • Bravo to Chef Meg for bringing us no sodium/low sodium recipes. Can we please have more???? - 7/23/11

  • for those of us who need captioning, do you offer alternative text format? - 6/23/11

  • I liked this recipe, will try it myself - 6/23/11

  • good - 5/20/11

  • Great video! I've been making homemade stock and then chicken veggie/noodle soup all winter. I make huge batches and then freeze individual servings. Soooo yummy! - 4/19/11

  • I liked Meg's tip on using cheese cloth and dipping it in the broth after to absorb the fat that was left.. awesome.. love all these vid's tyvm - 3/27/11

  • Love making my own stock! Saves so much money and is way healthier. I actually make the stock in a crockpot, strain it, refrigerate it, then skim the solids off the top after it cools. I freeze it in freezer bags in 2 or 3 cup portions. - 3/3/11

  • Living overseas, I often make homemade chicken stock. Thanks for the additional information. - 2/17/11

  • love having stock ready - 2/17/11

  • will try it - 2/9/11

  • This is a good ideal for winter soups. Very easy to make soups after you have the stock. Very lowfat and like you said no sodium.. Thanks Meg - 2/2/11

  • I loved the idea of putting the stock into ice cube trays (which breaks it down into smaller sizes) for those of us that don't have a lot of mouths to feed at one time. - 1/11/11

  • I have a stock pot going weekly if not earlier. I like no msg and no salt added. I grew up with no refrigeration and our crock pot was boiled daily full rolling boil for 20 minutes to prevent any bacterial problems.
    It should not sit around before storing it. Could that be addressed please? - 11/27/10

  • tasty - i just don't buy whole chickens, since I can't stand dark meat
    And i don't have a stock pot.... - 11/27/10

  • I just love these video's! Great Ideas. - 10/26/10

  • i didn't know about roasting the backs first...good idea - 10/26/10

  • Great idea! Thanks Chef Meg. - 9/28/10

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