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These diminutive desserts cook quickly and are automatically portion controlled. Plus, they're easier to make for a crowd, and there's no need for a fork and plate.

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  • Going to try this soon! - 6/26/18

  • These look really yummy. Some day when I get a little time, I plan on trying them. - 11/14/17

  • This is such a cute idea and they look yummy. - 10/9/17

  • Worth a try. - 9/2/17

  • Thanks for this recipe! I have some filo dough in the freezer and have been thinking about what I could do with it. Might also try some pumpkin as the filling, instead of the apples. Like other commenters, I would add some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice. - 9/9/15

  • I am with the few hundred comments above to add cinnamon! These are great and once you get use to handling Phyllo it is awesome! - 1/17/15

  • These will be my Super Bowl treats! Thanks, Chef Meg! - 1/30/14

  • Sounds delicious but I would add cinnamon to my apples for that true apple pie taste. - 1/4/14

  • I would love to see more close-ups of the finished product. - 11/29/13

  • i like this video ...please teach more low carb and sugar meals. - 11/8/13

  • Sounded incredible until you got to the toppings (not going to happen)....I will make them and maybe a bit less brown sugar, and add a bit of cinnamon. - 10/14/13

  • Look good - 10/8/13

  • Yumm!! - 9/20/13

  • I can't believe there was no cinnamon in it? Did I just miss it or something? Cinnamon is great for giving flavor. Just surprised thats all. Looking forward to making these - 9/3/13

  • I love a sweet treat after dinner and this looks ideal. Cinnamon compliments apple perfectly so that will be added to my recipe. - 2/3/13

  • I can't wait to make these. Thanks so much for the hints on using FILO dough, as well. I am also keen on finding the recipe for your homemade caramel sauce. - 1/29/13

  • I love the way each step was explained. I look forward to creating these tart's for my grandchildren. - 12/27/12

  • I wish she would stop using the phrase "come in". Very annoying and poor use of the English language. Where is she coming in to? - 12/11/12

  • How clever a solution to portion control. Sure wish Pepperidge Farm Turnovers would come out with a pre-made "mini"model! And how convenient to be able to freeze the extras for a future treat. - 9/27/12

  • These look delicious, I'll have to give them a try.. - 9/25/12

  • Looks great! I bet you can cut the sugar and butter down by half and it still is great! - 2/10/12

  • This looks so good and I really like phyllo dough. - 1/3/12

  • yum-oo - 12/12/11

  • I never baked with phyllo either. Always looked too much like work - 10/21/11

  • great video I really like this - 9/7/11

  • Looks good enough to eat. I am diabetic too. May have to modify the sugar in it, but I will give them a try, too. - 7/21/11

  • I plan on taking these to a reunion next weekend. I am diabetic, so I can have dessert too. - 6/23/11

  • Sounds wonderful!!!!! Can't wait to make this recipe. I enjoy watching her cooking videos. - 6/13/11

  • OMG, So G-o-o-o-d ! - 4/16/11

  • Very easy to make. I added cinnamon and the kids LOVED them!!!!! - 4/4/11

  • OOOOOOOOOOOH! DeLISH! Looks like somethin my Dad could easily make. - 2/11/11

  • Easy!! - 2/7/11

  • Great addition to your tea party recipe cook book. - 2/1/11

  • This looks yummy as well as simple. I do things by scratch, & it's usually hard to accurately get the nutrition. This will be on my snack list for my teen & me. - 1/24/11

  • This looks pretty easy and would work toward me taming my sweet tooth. Thanks. It's definately going to be tried by me this weekend! Never used the phyllo either. - 1/19/11

  • I never baked with phyllo before, watching this video made making this recipe seem so easy.Can't wait to try it
    - 12/14/10

  • I liked the video! I thought that she gave a great tip on the dough that you can put the unused dough back. I will try this because of this video. - 10/23/10

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