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This dish will turn anyone into a carrot lover! This dish uses whole and ground cumin to add a smoky, savory element to the carrots.
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  • We love this recipe. - 4/16/20

  • Thanks for sharing - 12/22/19

  • This looks delicious. I'm going to try it. - 7/21/18

  • Great idea - 7/18/18

  • This is such an attractive dish. nice for a special dinner. - 2/15/18

  • This will be one of my favourites! - 12/7/17

  • Yet another great recipe from Chef Meg's cookbook! This recipe was outstanding! - 6/26/17

  • Cumin is my favorite spice. - 5/2/17

  • these look delicious - 3/16/17

  • EXCELLENT! - 3/15/17

  • That only took 15 minutes and looks really tasty. This is what I consider a clean eating meal. I have my own Clean Eating Plan you can checkout at:
    ential-clean-eating-products. You will be glad you did. Great way to learn how to make quick meals as well. - 2/19/17

  • Why has the recipe accompanying this video been marked 'Private'? I cannot save it in my recipe collection. - 4/28/16

  • My family loves cooked carrots, and I imagine with the lime, cumin and other seasonings it would make them really special. Thanks Chef Meg! - 11/16/15

  • I'm always looking for recipes with cumin. This sounds quick, easy, and tasty, three things I look for in a recipe. - 11/5/15

  • Cumin on carrots is amazing... the first time I had this was at work. We have an amazing service that cooks every day in our cafeteria with endless choices of meals AND they are very health oriented!!! As for carrots - buy organic, hit the farmers markets for fresher choices.
    - 8/20/15

  • I've been making this recipe for 40 years; the only thing that's changed is most grocery store carrots today are big and bitter. I recommend using the smaller, fresher, more tasty carrots, if you can find them. 8-) The video is messed up -- 2 servings for the whole family? 2 Tbsp of Butter? - 7/31/15

  • Love recipe. I would use a tsp of butter and the rest olive oil. I have no problem with the rest of the ingredients. It looks like a 4 serving recipe, so you're not getting all that sugar in one helping. - 5/2/15

  • There is nothing wrong with this recipe, but for those that want less saturated oil and sugar I did a Calorie Reduction for Optimal Nutrition remake that shaves off 20 calories by using a diced mandarin orange and grape seed oil:
    tail.asp?recipe=2914738&ff=1 - 4/25/15

  • I am diabetic and would not have any issue with this recipe. With four servings and 1/4 cup orange juice you would only be getting 1 T of it! Also, regarding the butter, again, your getting less than a teaspoon in a serving! The idea is to get something very tasty and not feel like your dieting! - 4/19/15

  • Hmm . . . the concept is good, but honestly I look at this video and the ingredients . . . orange juice, even that small amount can spike a diabetics blood sugar. 2. Carrots are already pretty sugary. For diabetics I would suggest cutting the juice and finding an alternative to avoid excess carbs - 4/19/15

  • This looks very tasty. - 3/26/15

  • I usually don't watch the videos, but this one sold me! - 3/5/15

  • Looks easy enough to try.
    - 9/12/14

  • I rarely have leftovers when I make this dish. It is such a good way to serve carrots to guests. It has become my all-time favorite way to prepare cooked carrots. - 7/13/14

  • Yum! I want to make it without the orange juice, too. - 6/24/14

  • Thanks everyone for sharing ideas on how to make this recipe without the orange juice! :) I will make it more savory rather than sweet to fit my diet restrictions. :)) - 6/21/14

  • No need for them to be a side. I might eat them by themselves. Thank you!! - 5/18/14

  • I tried this awhile back and found it to be too sweet for my taste. The orange juice also upped the carb count too much for me. However, I love cumin so I make something similar using baby carrots, cumin, a couple of drops of orange extract, and lime. I roast it and it's delicious! - 4/13/14

  • Omit orange juice and water. Instead cook the carrots in very slow heat, let them cook in their own sweat. once cooked to your taste, increase the heat and stir fry them to caramelise them. Finally sprinkle freshly roasted and ground cumin seeds. Oh La La! - 3/12/14

  • looks so good this looks like a good late night snack that wont kill a good day. - 2/20/14

  • I will eliminate the orange juice because of the sugar, but I will leave the organic or raw butter in. Calories don't matter when it comes to eating GOOD fat. We need to eat good fat with every meal for energy.
    - 2/10/14

  • Got to try,I love carrots fixed most any way,or raw,sounds sooo good and very easy ,thanks - 2/10/14

  • looks so good , I will try it soon without adding butter - 1/16/14

  • Video not working - will not run - 10/12/13

  • will try. sure looks good, and also easy!!! - 9/30/13

  • Ooops. I came back and see that that there is a note that says "See the recipe" Yah! (note to self-remember to read the whole page) :-( - 9/12/13

  • I just don't like adding extra calories to recipes... the orange juice and butter made me apprehensive... Think I will stick to steamed carrots... How can I infuse the cumin into the carrots while I steam them? - 9/4/13

  • I've made these carrots three times now. The first time I didn't have all the ingredients. I used Pineapple Juice instead of Orange juice and a little bit of lemon instead of lime. My husband loved it and he doesn't care for carrot. I also couldn't find cumin seeds at any stores in my area - 8/13/13

  • I enjoy eating vegetables, will try your receipe - 7/20/13

  • I recently discovered how versatile cumin. Thanks for an easy recipe. - 7/15/13

  • We love the cumin kick and I am so ready for something different! I will be making this tomorrow have the carrots already to cook.
    - 7/6/13

  • Is there a non-video version of this recipe? I prefer to just read the instructions than to watch a video. - 7/2/13

  • I am not crazy about cumin, ship life days when they used too much. But this recipe looks good. Interested in maybe giving it another try! - 5/28/13

  • great for my diet
    - 5/13/13

  • Look good. - 5/4/13

  • I only buy organic carrots (when my garden is exhausted). The difference is noticeable and they are worth it. Also, you do not need to peel them...ever! - 4/3/13

  • I love carrots and cumin, this is one to try! Thanks Meg. - 4/3/13

  • I love carrots. I will have to try this recipe. Thank you. - 3/24/13

  • I used the recipe for yellow cauliflower... Yum. - 3/3/13

  • LIKE this!! - 12/27/12

  • The amount of butter is inconsequential when spread over the amount of vegetables and I will use butter over margarine any time. Salt is a flavour enhancer and the amount spread over the entire disch is not about to challenge anyone's daily sodium ration. - 12/18/12

  • I didn't see sugar in it 1DRwoman? - 11/21/12

  • Butter and sugar and salt....hmmmm...I am sure we can use healthier ingredients surely.... - 11/19/12

  • Thanks! I love carrots, and this looks great! - 11/2/12

  • Cumin goes in everything :) - 10/23/12

  • great recipe, I wouldn't add the salt as the lime will provide the necessary salt I am cutting a lot of salt from my diet. Thank you - 10/4/12

  • Very appealing, seeing the video. Now I need the recipe in my hands. That's how I like to cook.
    Thank you for all your good recipes and suggestions. ;-) - 9/30/12

  • Thanks Meg, I think I will try it. Hope that I can find whole cumin seeds. - 9/10/12

  • Why use butter? I would prefer to use coconut oil or olive oil to maintain this as a vegan dish. - 8/11/12

  • you can find calorie count and other nutrition info when you click the "see this recipe" button at bottom of video! - 7/18/12

  • Looks good - 7/12/12

  • After watching the video, I decided to give this receipe a was great, this one is a keeper! - 7/12/12

  • I will try it - 6/2/12

  • I'll have to give this a try...may get my family to eat carrots lol - 5/8/12

  • Sounds good! - 5/8/12

  • I really liked the camera angle close ups on the food this time - watching the lime being zested made my mouth water. Good job! - 4/14/12

  • i used to make something like this only without the cumin, lime and water... so i guess it was basically just carrots cooked in orange juice and butter. it's one of my fav ways to cook carrots! i love how the orange juice makes them a bit tangy! can't wait to try it this way! :D - 3/22/12

  • I'm confused: 2 servings for the whole family?
    I am guessing that is 2 x 4 servings for total of 8 servings, or about right for a family of 6 that might like a little extra. - 2/18/12

  • Yum - 2/18/12

  • It would be nice to add Calorie count and other diet info. - 1/19/12

  • This does sound good! Wonder if i can get my cooked-carrot-hating husband to try this. :-)
    - 1/10/12

  • This sounds so good. I'll be making them soon. Thanks Meg. - 12/6/11

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