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Brunch will never be the same again! This rich and creamy dish is so delicious, you'll never guess we slashed the fat.
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  • Yummy! - 4/19/17

  • steam all your veggies in a colander over boiling water** why boil off the nutrients into the water?? - 4/15/17

  • I don't ever cook the spinach, even in an omelet, I enjoy a bit of crunch and the flavor is less grassy - 5/12/15

  • You can also make the eggs ahead of time if you plunge them in cold water after each egg is cooked. When you are ready to assemble the Benedicts, bring the water almost to boil again and reheat the eggs for 30-60 secs. Do the initial cooking one at a time, then reheat all of them at the same time - 4/24/14

  • Great instructions. My personal favorite (now verboten) is Eggs Benedict - love the lemon flavor with runny yolk. - 4/23/14

  • Yum. Looks delish. I LOVE eggs florentine - 4/16/14

  • I love to see videos because is helpful for me, good cooking lessons, I usually pouched my eggs according with your teaching but one thing I would like to share that' because the vinegar tasted, I rinse right away the egg holding it with the same spoon just into the hot water and so delicious - 1/16/14

  • I will keep my egg simple - 6/18/13

  • i love the demos they are well presented easy to follow and make thank you - 4/16/13

  • I can't wait to try this. - 2/19/13

  • thank you ,i learned new way to enjoy eggs dishes. - 1/12/13

  • I usually cook my egg in a small non stick pan with a spray on oil, flip the egg once nearly cooked to seal the top really delish - 6/7/12

  • This looks great---I have an old fashioned egg poacher with 3 cups that I much easier than swirling and hoping the egg will turn out right! - 4/29/12

  • I learned a lot from this video. I have never seen the tip about swirling the water to poach an egg before. - 4/29/12

  • This recipe for skinny eggs florentine seems great. I've been looking for alternative, easy breakfast/lunch meals. It always nice to have a variety of meals to eat. Thank you - 4/20/12

  • Great demonstration. It is three lessons in one video! I don't think I would have the patience to simmer milk for 15 minutes (unless it were to make cocoa), but I certainly learned a lot with your wonderful, clear instructions! Thanks for showing the egg as it cooked. - 4/18/12

  • That whole trick about making the whirlpool effect in the pot before dropping in the egg sold me! Now I know what to do if I don't have my usual poached egg insert. Very good video! - 2/27/12

  • As a visual person I really enjoyed this demo. It was done so well and I feel I just had an A plus cooking lesson. I really appreciated how you showed what the egg should look like in the pan till finished. I always had problems with that type of egg. Hope to see more of these. Thank you! - 2/19/12

  • excellent video - 2/1/12

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